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Final Fantasy

Brandon Strader

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...I see a stupid article, where all the author does is pretty much troll against a videogame company that has been one of the major industry JRPG standard setters for a long time. Sure, some of us may not enjoy their newer games as much (I'm sort of an in-between, haven't played XI and XIII, system on XII was a bit weird), but I still believe them to be good games. I think the whole article is him inflating his personal ego (read the FFXIII sucks paragraph, notice his eloquence). Well, then again, I'm not an expert, so maybe it's just me ranting against an "expert's" article. :/

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That's possibly the most amazing FF-related piece of fan art i have ever seen


Something to wash out my eyes of that shit stained article.



Already started on some FFVI themed PS3 Themes. If I were any good at CG/traditional animation I'd be able to make dynamic PS3 themes

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