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Final Fantasy

Brandon Strader

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Nomura's been saying that he wanted to make the combat more action based like Kingdom Hearts for a long while(I think since the game was announced).

Versus XIII looks pretty epic, but I'm much more interested in continuing Lightning's story. Here's to Winter 2011 and hoping that they use better video and audio encoding for the 360 version.

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I know, right? Basch or Ashe would have made much more sense as the main character.

And if Final Fantasy XII-2 was coming out and Vaan was the main character again I'd be saying the same thing. Decoy protagonists don't get to have sequels.

I guess they could just do the same thing as before and use Lightning's perspective to tell the story of some other, more interesting character(s), but I'm not sure I could endure another 50 hours of that.

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Revenant Wings was decent game, and it actually made Vaan and Penelo, you know, characters with importance, instead of what they were in XII. Which was jack shit.

It was decent like I said, and while it had a good story, too often the game-play kinda devolved into "Rush the motherfuckers and have Penelo spam Curaga". Which in a strategy game, got a little dull.

Loved the amount of sidequests though (even though the last few are impossible), and I think the final boss is WAY too cheap. He hits you like twice before you even get close to taking out his fists, and already that means your party has 2/3 of its health gone. Plus, the little mage kid is the only one who can actually hurt the bastard from a safe distance, spamming flare, which takes off like 1/200th of his health each pop.

Great to see some more esper action, though. Some good stuff to be had.

And I know people give VII shit because it's so popular, and its mega-fanbase is retarded, but Cloud is a good hero and VII is a great game. He's not emo (emos don't say "Let's mosey" right before taking on the big bad), and he's pretty y'know integral to the plot.

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I have, and I'm about halfway through it right now, once the party FINALLY joins back together. Beaten a few major demon baddies, and hoo boy are they tough.

Darkesword, I'd say "do yourself a favor, and level up Jusqua to a Level 3 thief." It comes in handy after the half-point as a way of getting some very important items.

Namely, ribbons. Every boss after Spelvia inflicts status effects out the fucking ass (fucking Asmodeus), but there's an unbeatable enemy in the Animal Burrow (Ogre Bear) that never kills Jus in the 4th party slot (if he doesn't use his area attack). So you use pillage, and boom, you get a ribbon. Or you can make him a level 1 merchant and grind diamonds off of him (just make sure someone in the party is a freelancer).

But those ribbons are key to surviving later in the game. Because the bosses level up with you, so you really can't grind after the half-way point.

I think it's the best FF since FFX. And I think that Heroes of Light was more deserving of a numeric title than, say, FFXIV is. It's fun, has great music, the gameplay is varied and interesting, and there's plenty to do.

It's like the devs remembered everything fun about Final Fantasy games (the adventuring, the dungeon-crawling, the big bad boss fights, and the equipment/ability grind), and put it all into a game.

And changing the MP system into an all-purpose AP system? Damn genius. You finally don't have to worry about holding on to a shitton of ethers or running out of crucial magic during a boss fight or a long dungeon.

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That is an excellent picture.

And I still maintain that FFXII was excellent. Even if people find Vaan and Penelo annoying, at least they're low on the annoying scale IMO. I can tolerate Penelo much more than I tolerate Selphie, for instance. HEE HEE TRAINS BOOYAKA BOOYAKAA~~

I saw a bit of FFVIII hate going on, but in some ways I find it fun. I couldn't finish it the last time I played through it however, because I found it to be so... slow. When you're on the umpteenth playthrough and you're forced to sit through the slow paced tutorials yet again... ugh. Drives me insane. Tutorials should always always always be skippable.

And does Dissidia count as Final Fantasy? Can we talk about that here? And about the announcement that FREAKING GILGAMESH is going to be playable in Duodecim? Life = Complete

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I bough a PSP with Dissidia around Christmastime. Been playing it almost exclusively. Takes awhile to get used to, and while the story is... well, practically non-existent, and wrapped in stifling layers of pseudo-philosophy, the gameplay itself is boatloads of fun.

Onion Knight has been my personal favorite so far; he's light and easy to maneuver, and most of his attacks deal BRV damage. Especially fun once he unlocks his combo skills; get in close, drain their BRV, then sweep right into a hard-hitting HP attack. Hard for them to get back at you after it, too.

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I didn't like how Zidane and Squall were overpowered.

I found Firion to be the OP one, myself. Then I started using him. Then I finally beat level 100 freaking Chaos. >: | I couldn't do that when my main was Bartz.

I did not like Dissidia, or 12, or 13, or any of them in recent memory. Maybe they will fire Tetsuya Nomura and then we can get back to what is important in Final Fantasy:

Not Stupid Belts.

I like some of Nomura's designs a lot. But with the Dissidia official art, some of the characters are in that same... weird pose. They're holding their swords out in the most uninspired way possible. And no one smiles. They all have that '_' face. Pretty smile for Yuna plz.

Some of the later Final Fantasy designs have been pretty lolworthy though. There's this article I like that tears down the fashion of FFXII, what with the potholders and belts...

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