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OCR02020 - Wolfenstein 3D "Blazkowicz's Great Escape"


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Rich's work is always really classy and well done, but it seems to be more focused on mood and rhythms than melody, which is a very viable strategy, and one that always enhances an experience, but makes it more difficult for me personally to get as invested in the music. This one is no exception, with a very polished and rich soundscape, but a more subdued melody. I keep wishing for those soaring horns to be pushed further forward and really take control, but they are backseat to the rest of the drama. As for telling the story of the opening moments of Wolfenstein, that was completely nailed. Very evocative textures and pacing, but my own bias gets in the way of me fully enjoying it. I certainly respect the skill on display here though, props.

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With a description that includes the words "(your) best remix yet", it's got a lot to live up for. :razz:

But the writing here is actually well devised; it takes the fundamentals of the source, even throws in a straight interpretation down the line but even ended up using some elements of the accompaniment for some of the calmer moments of the track. I can definitely feel the movie trailer approach to the track, which is good!

Even the sounds utilised in this orchestrated setting mostly sound very realistic and appropriately humanised for the most part. The only qualm I seem to have though is that there's not much dynamic shaping until right at the end; it all seems to be at the same kind of general force for the collective instruments until near the end. Though, if that matches with the movie scene style approach to it it may not be a big deal, but it should still be worth pointing out.

All in all it's a neatly crafted orchestrated work; these aren't easy to pull off, and to handle something that wasn't meant to be epic like the Wolfenstein source you managed to pull through powerfully. I'll be keeping an eye on you Beckett :)

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Truly cinematic and dynamic in it's sound. Beckett's style is one of the most epic styles you can ReMix in, and this shows how damn good things can get when you take a great source and fill it with grand orchestration and lots of DUN DUN! You really hammered in the drama on this ReMix. Awesome.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02020 - Wolfenstein 3D "Blazkowicz's Great Escape"

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