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Darth Magus

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WindStrike = WindStrike

Same ol' name in Audiosurf... though I run a separate steam account for Audiosurf for some reason, so if someone starts a Steam group, you'll see me on Steam by a different name most of the time.

EDIT: Holy crap, I just saw the highest scoring run ever. If anyone is familiar with CarboHydroM's Unsealed (a 19 minute rock medley of A Link to the Past that's simply awesome, dl here - http://www.carbohydrom.net/music.html)... highest score is just under 2 million (it was with either DVE or Eraser Elite). I thought it was crazy when I surpassed 300,000 on it and knew that 400,000+ was possible... I had no idea it was possible to get a potential 2,000,000+ score. Anyone wanna try and top the record?

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Generally when I've talked about songs in Audiosurf you definitely have to distinguish between length and difficulty. Difficult songs that are short are even harder to get higher scores on because a good run has to be that much more perfect. For me, personally, with DVE it's hard to gauge what songs would be best suited for it because you want them to be difficult and full of notes but at the same time if it drags on too long then a single white block mistake can totally ruin an otherwise perfect run. If at any point I find myself thinking "what do I need to clear this row" instead of just taking block after block without thinking twice then it isn't a good run.

I wish I could be good at Pointman. I am pretty good with Eraser cause it's hard to be bad with it, haha, but only after I've really learned a song do I even dare to do Pusher.

Oh also I tend to avoid playing Pro or Casual unless specifically asked so I usually won't try to update those scores to beat anyone else.

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Before I get too deep into this, do I have permission to do this? IE, when creating the group, can I use "OCR" and other such things such as logos, so people know this is our group? Just don't want to get into any trouble...

Should be perfectly fine. No one here is really objecting to it, so go ahead and create the group. There actually is an OCR group on Steam, but as far as Audiosurf goes, it probably would be better to have its own group so events can be set up for only the people that care.

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I'm using a touchpad, since I have a laptop. For me, it gives me a feeling of more control, even if I don't actually have more control... I like to think the ship is steered in a similar manner... ^_^

EDIT: I can't log in on Audiosurf (don't really care) but I did get this score using Mono on Braincooler!


Is that good? It's a total of a 66% bonus, btw.

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