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Old scifi point and click game

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Hey guys, I'm trying to find this old point and click game I played as a kid. I don't remember the name but it was set in a space station where everyone was either dead or hiding because of aliens. You had to walk around and find your way through the station by fixing a robot or two, fixing wires so doors would open, and all that classic stuff. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

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you played it as a kid, but it wasn't DOS and you're 26

"as a kid" I would guess to be around 6-12ish? so that would put the timeframe for the game to be around 1990-1996, so late windows 3.1x, very early Win95 era.

First person, but not 3d? So it was prerendered. The only games that jump to mind like that are the Myst games.

Googling around a little bit with this in mind, is it The Journeyman Project?

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that's what I said ffs

Yeah but you said "Roger Wilco", which might not be the most helpful for someone trying to remember an exact title. "ffs"

Hmm, first person adventure / point and click? There I'm pretty much limited to the 3 obvious Icom games, Mindshadow, Myst, and Labyrinth of Time, so I'm pretty much out of ideas...

Do you recall what platform it was on? amiga, mac, windows...? Text heavy like Shadowgate or more like Myst?

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