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Chillout, lounge, smooth jazz, or any related genre


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Lately I have been looking for some nice relaxing music like chillout music or smooth jazz, etc but I am having troubles finding any decent ones.

I came across Jazeboo's recent album Havana Moon. and I was blown away by the variations of songs that I found very pleasant to the ears.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend artists with similar styles or remixes on the site.

If you haven't heard of Jazeboo i recommend visiting their site Jazeboo.com. Great stuff.

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When it comes to chillout I really have to recommend McVaffe's Crystalline Caverns. There are so many other things to choose from no doubt, but since I'm not writing an essay here, that is one of my favorites.

Beaten to the punch but you'd definitely do well checking out almost anything by Joshua Morse as well, especially the Sonata of the Damned Album, and just since i like it so much, Morse's Morsecode.

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Secret of Mana Tidal Sequence OC ReMix

Secret of Mana Thicket OC ReMix

The Voyager (Quick Man Stage) by the 8 Bit Instrumental

Coolin' Down the Red Soil Swamp from DOD August 2009*The site is down for some reason

I Don't Fight Boys (Chun-Li Stage) from Blood on the Ashpalt

Hill Top Heaven from Hedgehog Heaven

if you go to Oneups Studios.com your get your VG Jazz you need

If you follow this link to You tube MaxieDaMan is a OK Remixer that dose Jazz/HipHop


Jazzy NYC 99 is a good

Summer time in London

Street Vide from from street fighter 3 and and all most any street fighter remix on his Channel are good

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