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Vampire Variations - We're almost done!


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Vampire Variations

-A Musical Tribute to Castlevania-

Release date: Ocotber 31st, 2011

Black - Available

Red - Claimed/No WiP

Pink - Available, with interest/old track now a bonus track/missed deadline/remixer incommunicado/something. Special status. Send in a wip to claim/reclaim the source. (Rozovian style)

Orange - Rough WiP

Green - Substantial WiP

Purple - Almost complete WiP

Blue - Finished track!

* 01 - Underground - Claimed by Chernabogue

* 02 - Prologue - Claimed by Daemon9623

* 03 - Vampire Killer - Claimed by Brandon Strader

04 - Stalker - Claimed by vikingguitar // Claimed by Guifrog

05 - Wicked Child - Claimed by Bonkers

* 06 - Walking on the Edge - Claimed by The Dual Dragons

* 07 - Heart of Fire - Claimed by The Dual Dragons // Claimed by Hat

* 08 - Out of Time - Claimed by VikingGuitar (

* 09 - Poison Mind - Claimed by Omigadrive

* 10 - Nothing to Lose - Claimed by Chernabogue (


* 11 - Black Night - Claimed by Daemon9623 (


* 12 - Voyager - Claimed by Existence Zero (


Medleys/Bonus Tracks (Tracks' name will be updated when a first WiP will be shown)

Medley 1 (Underground, Black Night, Poison Mind and Nothing to Lose) - Claimed by Bonkers

Medley 2 - Claimed by DJ Mokram (Heart of Fire, Ecclesia, An Empty Tome)

Medley 3 - Claimed by the Super Guitar Bros.

Album Art: FoxxDragon

Website: Brandon Strader

Prepare your holy water bottles! :wink:

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Not to reign on your parade, but a mod will come in and tell you these recruitment threads are for recruitment only. We're really not supposed to banter about the project, or discuss WIPs or anything of that sort. Just thought I'd let you know before someone came in and warned about that. ;-)

Though there are better ways to get recruitment than just here, try some other places too. Though this forum DOES get more views than I thought it did. Just not nearly as many as community or projects subforums get. :3

I personally would make a thread at TheShizz (Minibosses subforum) as most of the other people around would see that. Like the DoD people and all that. The fact that a Castlevania album isn't full up within a week or two is enough indication that nobody is seeing this and you need to spread your wings and fly around a bit... like a peacock. Good luck. :-D

I only saw this thread because I made a conscious effort to check this subforum, and also because NintenJoe may have mentioned it on Facebook to me. :-D

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I'd love to participate! CastleVania is my favourite game series of all time, and I'd like to claim Poison Mind and Nothing To Lose, if I could, and work them into one track. I am currently participating in the NiGHTS and DCK3 arrangement albums, amongst others... if you need a WIP for proof, lemme know!

No problem, thanks!

I'm wondering if it's okay to have an afro-electronica track on this? If so, I'd take "Stalker"!

No genre restriction, so no problem!

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I'll make the website if you'll have me. I recently did the Hurry! site. That one was pretty simple and straight-forward for a site. Dare I say it was............................................................................................hurried.


I want to have you, the Hurry website was good even if it was done in speed run.

Thanks for your help! =)

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Please make sure this is a recruitment thread only. If you want to organize things like claim tracks and set deadlines, you need to do that on your own forum, unless you're aiming to be official OCR, in which case you need to send us a proposal, as detailed in the sticky at the top of this forum.

OK, sorry, DarkeSword.

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