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Chrono Trigger: Chrono Symphonic - History

Claado Shou

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Something like this, but with the music notes in the background, plus words (those'll be added later, though).

BTW, I did Magus' face in the flames and the shadows.

Hehe, I forgot bout the whole no Robo or Ayla :) Heh.

I was confused cause the last time you posted a suggestive photo it was really dark. My bad, Yea after I saw it on here the music lines did seem to be faded too much (stupid LCD laptop). Ill see If I can get something done about that this weekend.

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Speak of the devil!

Yeah i have a new version uploaded, but there is a minute of silence. I'm working on it tonight and tomorrow, hopefully i might get it done soon. Either that or my computer explodes.

At the moment its bordering on 5 minutes, so i need to lose a minute. I'll upload it and see what you guys think.

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Alrighty then. This will be my last post in this thread for quite a while, so I'm leaving some guidelines for everybody.

Sadly, by the time finals are over and work can resume unhindered (is that a word?) I will be gone (two days, folks), and I won't be able to do anything. Fortunately, the very respected and well-rounded ZeaLitY has been left in charge until my eventual return, in two to three months.

Additionally, I've decided on the official name of the project, something that will hopefully appeal to more than just rabid CT and CC fans.

Chrono Symphonic - A Cinematic Interpretation

There yar. CTcronoboy will be the one doing the banner work, and all other stuff I leave to the community that has shown an interest in this and supported it. Thank you all.

So, for awhile...



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Sorry I mysteriously disappeared for a while (finals and crap). There's no guarantee Ill be able to finish what Ive started, so just count me as not participating. There's just no guarantee, so Ill just work on it over time and if I do indeed finish it and you still need a Lucca song Ill post it here.

PS: free bump

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