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Chrono Trigger: Chrono Symphonic - History

Claado Shou

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It looks good this time around. What's next, writing Chrono Symphonic on it?

Yea, and after that seeing if I can throw some of my PS talent in there to make it look different and not just straight sprite and background.

To answer DarkeSwords question its for anyone in the project that wants to advertise it with an image in thier sig. Kinda like yours, but for this.

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I posted at the Gamefaqs Trigger board. The following users there wish to send you their encouragement and appreciation for remixing Chrono Trigger music in an orchestral format:

lordjanus "I'm all for it!"

dragonmaster1702 "i would love to hear that."

rusty404 "yes"

guinness42 "i would like to see it complete!"

Cliftor "Their names will live in memory forever if they finish."

Bobwillis "signed"

FFCrono "signed"

Lord J Esq "While I think that orchestrating Chrono Trigger music ought to be its own motivation for any sane-minded person, I nevertheless most assuredly and completely do encourage this wholeheartedly."

And many more are looking forward to this, so know that you are not alone. We adore your efforts and hope you'll continue remixing. Viva la CHRONO

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I've got a complete(?) version of Inciting Incident done and I'm working on a complete(?) version of the Magus Battle now. Unfortunately, my family made some changes to the wireless network in our house and we're having problems getting my computer to cooperate. Hopefully we'll have it working soon so I can upload my progress for feedback. I'll just keep in touch with my parent's computer in the meantime.

SirRus and ellywu2: I've been holding off on our collab tracks for two reasons. First, to finish my other two. Second, because I'm interested in hearing what you guys have in mind for the remixes first. If you would rather I just go ahead and start them, let me know.

Merry Christmas to all, etc...

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Coolness. More signatures from Gamefaqs:

HungryClock "I shall sign this as well! I visit OCRemix about every day... there's a lot of talent in that community, which I wish I could possess as well..."

Schnapp "YES"

Meteor Cross "Signed!"

GameMasterMax "Why the heck not, i say!"

alpha door "*signs*"

Wings of Time "I'm all for this Chrono Trigger symphony. I like the idea, and I've always been fond of orchestral music. Go for it!

Consider yourself SIGNED by me. ^_^

Good luck."

Alex103701 "*Signs*"

chris35 "*signs*"

Colonel Kassad "*signs*"

Thats basically all the regulars of the Gamefaqs CT board, besides the trolls. You guys are adored.

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No problem.


Hey, that's Singing Mountain.


And whaddya know, the Tricera monster that never made it into the final version of Chrono Trigger.

Where in the game was signing mountain supposed to go? I always wondered about that. And thay Tricera looks like a copy of the boss that ate bombs in LOZ. I can see why they cut it.

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Here is Zeal WIP action, started it last night and got all 2:30 of the arrangement done (I sure wish the song was in the movie for longer than just 2.5 minutes...), its still pretty meh in a lot of areas, so hopefully this will get to sounding better by the time Claado gets back. Just thought I'd post it in here in case anyone was interested. http://students.ou.edu/S/Ravi.U.Sharma-1/SirRus_-_Zeal-01.mp3

I also wanted to thank Zeality for keeping the thread alive and compiling the comments of supporters of the project. Good deal man.

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Any props or thanks to me is hugely returned for a Zeal remix. I've been collecting them for ages, and while many people claim "OMG ITZ OVERREMIXED," each new arrangement brings its own interpretation and flavor to the table. Your style is great; I liked the overall build to the main meat of the song. It was heavenly and enlightened, and straightforward.

Alright, I'm not the best reviewer for Zeal remixes, since my experiences are largely personal, but there it is. 46 Zeal remixes and counting.

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YEEEESSSSSS!!! Finally my computer is live and internet-ready again!!!

So as promised, the final (?) versions of two tracks.

Inciting Incident

nothing really new, just slight, indistinguishable touch-ups.

Confronting the Mystic

Mastered and witha new section. Not 100% sure about that section though, so feedback would be appreciated.

Any feedback would be nice for either of these. Orchestration is far from my specialty, so anything you guys think needs to be changed before I call these DONE, please share now.

Happy New Year 8)

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My commentary probably isn't of much worth since my musical background and criticism is limited to more sensory and feely stuff rather than hard "1:08 is out of key; EQ this," but I'll offer mine for Confronting the Mystic.

I like the multilayered quality of the song. At 0:58, when it begins the second iteration of that popular riff, is there any other instrument the riff could be rendered in? I've been thinking that it would sound fresh and even more kick/badass if a different strings instrument was used, since we've already heard that part of the theme done once with that instrumentation. I'm not educated though, so this might be an impossibility; merely a suggestion.

For reference, here's the Brink of Time version:


It's mostly Bondish stylish and laid back, but imagining the Magus riff done with an edgy guitar is cool; not sure if Claado restricts against it.

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This might be a silly question - is there a project website for this? I briefly skimmed the posts here, and haven't found anything.

I recently checked my private messages on OCRemix, and I've got a PM from a user named Claado Shou... dated Oct 28, 2004... Needless to say, I never really come here. He asked if I was interested in doing the site for the project.

But, if there isn't a site already done, I could probably give it a go. I can normally be found in #ocremix, if anyone's interested. Or hell, send me a pm, and I'll get back to you in three months...

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hi guys, sorry to say but i haven't been working on anything since a long time ago lol... the remix i submitted didn't make the cut because several mastering problems... i could've mastered it and resubmitted and it would've made the cut but i'm a dumbass and deleted the arrangement a long time ago lol... the good thing is i just started redoing the whole thing, which i planned to do in the future anyway, and i decided i'm going to make it all orchestral-like :lol: and maybe i can use my remix for scene 10 too since it kinda fits the scene (Denadoro Mountain's song is Underground Sewer for some reason :P )

i restarted it today and worked on it for like five hours but now it's two in the morning so i'm gonna sleep hehe... i got done with like 1/3'rd of it and i think it kicks ass, like ten times better then what i did before :) i'll probably finish it (well not FINISH but yeah whatever) by monday if not tomorrow and i'll post it here so you guys can listen and gimee some comments and stuff...

how is everyone else doing on their remixes? just wondering... looks like not a lot of activity on this thread hehe... oh well ttyl guys, good night... err morning... errr whatever... :P

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Ok I lied. The FINAL versions of Inciting Incident and Confronting the Mystic are uploaded (check previous links). If anyone feels that changes need to be made, please speak now.

Actually, speak now anyway. It's getting too darn quiet in here. Check in or something. Has any new form of deadline been set?

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I wonder if we should set another general deadline in Claado's absence, just to keep things rolling. It's gotten way too quiet in this thread, plus I think it'd be pretty cool if we could have it finished by the time he got back.

Side note: SirRus and I are well into our collab track. Once I've put a bit more time into it, I'll post a WIP.

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