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MAGFest 9 is gone - PMD sets in :(


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You only sleep at MAGFest if you're:

A) Sick

B) Too drunk to walk

C) Hungover/Passed out

D) Can't handle the awesomeness

E) Are lame.

Well, maybe there's like one or two more reasons but those are the only excuses for missing ANYTHING.

Looking at the Panel Descriptions:

"OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community

Fresh off the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix soundtrack, it's OC ReMix! OCR's presentation includes their year in review, exclusive clips of upcoming ReMixes, tips on ReMixing, an in-depth Q&A and prizes. Meet OCR crew like founder David Lloyd (djpretzel), Andrew Aversa (zircon), Jill Goldin (pixietricks), Larry Oji (Liontamer), and a bunch more ReMixers and folks from the forums!"

*snicker* how does one define fresh here? :nicework:

Also, here's my reactions to the tentative schedule pointed out:

Gamer Iron Chef (Thursday, 4:30 PM) - Okay, even if there was any chance the team remix from last year would participate again, most if not all of the team wouldn't be there until late Thursday night. BOO!

7 Sega Saturn Games You Should Have Played (Thursday, 4 PM) - If I can go to this, I will, because it is one of the few excuses I have for being a gaming snob. <3 Saturn.

ThaSauce Meetup (Thursday, 7 PM) - This...could pose a problem.

House of the Dead with Spoony (Thursday, 11:45 PM) - Oh boy, this is gonna be awesome. I wish I could go for the whole thing, but the next entry takes priority.

DoD Listening Party (Friday, 12:30 AM) - YES! And it is slated to go until 6 AM. Bring on the beer and loud music!

OCR panel (Friday, 4 PM) - wtf is ocr remix?

will edit more later.

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if you guys need to find me from noon to 6pm on friday, i'll be drafting MTG, pwnin bitches and getting mythics.

Actually, I promised I wouldn't draft this year, based on complaints last year from just about everyone. :-(


Even I was complaining. You should have been playing with me!

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By the way, I should have posted before now, but me, zircon, pixietricks, and bustatunez will be having our own panel on Thursday about "Creating music: from hobby to profession" sort of thing.

I know some folks won't be getting there until Friday, but for those of you who can make it, we'll be talking about some fun stuff including our roots as early remixers up to various pro gigs we are working on/have worked on. Should be fun!

Also worth noting is that Josh Whelchel and Danny B will have a similar-ish panel later talking more about the indie games side of things. We actually tried to combine our two panels, but the scheduling guys couldn't quite make it work, so there will still be two separate panels, but we'll all probably be there and we hope to see lots of you at each! :)

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