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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]

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the real question is can people sleep in the same bed


I like the new interface when you start the Minecraft application [EDIT: Removed stupid joke]. I also like the fact that it only takes two blocks of planks to make a pressure plate. I hated it when I have to use up three wood blocks to make a door and plate, but now I only need two.

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I can totally see people abusing beds. Bring one along while exploring; night-time hits, run to the top of the nearest mountain... and crawl in bed?!? Talk about brave!

yeah no

it actually does work a lot like sleeping in old rougelikes

if you want to sleep in the middle of an unlit room, fine, just don't be surprised if you wake up with a spider in your face

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no I'm saying you won't sleep through the night because you will get jumped by a monster before dawn even gets close

I know because I just tried

But on multiplayer, that would break the 'skip night-time' feature, since you'd be skipping in very small chunks as monsters keep waking up everyone else.

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I consider just coordinating everyone to use a bed at night time a greater challenge than making sure they put their beds in a safe place.

It's seriously not that that hard to just a dig a hole to plop a bed in for a night; your ideas about feature breaking are not that much of a concern.

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I can just see the fights now.

"Justin, go to bed! No, I'm serious, they're after me! Justin? JUSTIN! GET IN BED RIGHT NOW THEY'RE GONNA EAT ME OH GRAAAAAAAAAAA~"

But yeah. Schwaltzvald definitely has a better alternative. The only time you really want to skip night-time is early on, during the tedious startup. After that, you just keep a sword and a boatload of torches with you.

Perhaps it would work better if the night-skip happens only in peaceful mode, when everyone prefers working in the daytime. Once the monsters are out, though, the bed should be able to operate differently. Perhaps he could treat it like the grail in La Mulana, where you can keep several bed-checkpoints, and teleport between them...

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Perhaps it would work better if the night-skip happens only in peaceful mode, when everyone prefers working in the daytime.

If I couldn't do stuff outside there's the inside I could do such as carving out particular cellars and mining. I'll say it again, Notch can just leave out the time-skip effect and keep the "new-spawn" marker via bed in regards to Survival Multi-Player; problem solved

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Indeed, but good luck getting it to happen. :<

I'm just playing devil's advocate, looking at other alternatives to satisfy both sides.

It's not nearly as hard as implementing my Creature/Boss Creation plugin/mod idea and Notch has taken functionality away from certain parts of the game before, why would changing the beds for multi-player be any more difficult from cutting out the time skip effect?

If anything, we would just have to wait for the hmod/bukkit(if only) to create such a plug-in.

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Demanding much? No offense, but not happening for a bit.

Since its just beds and half steps, going to wait for hmod 1.3. Most of the people who play it religiously have kept the 1.2 client, and if you need help downgrading I have the materials. (Come to IRC)

the fan hMod 1.3 shouldn't be too much longer, it was supposed to be out today but i dont think its going to make it

MPUK has also started beta testing Bukkit on their london servers so hopefully we will get Bukkit in the near future

Vanilla is too terribly broken and lifeless to use even if I have the option now

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