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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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yeah, so i really underestimated the difficulty of making tunes with them music boxes.

even with the new redstone repeaters, the amount of space you need to begin with is mindboggling.

does anyone have a decent grasp of layouting more complex circuits? the challenge really is to get a more or less organised system going without using more space than really needed.

at any rate, if anyone feels like making music or atleast some retarded noise machines, leave me a note. i imagine it's more fun if you have someone to chat with about it.

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So yeah, I was thinking I might swing by and check things out. Any chance I can get added to the whitelist? MC username is BeatdropMusic.

We have two peoples asking to be added to the whitelist.

Beatdrop so far, has one reference from Abadoss!

Can anyone give reference to this person? http://ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=758988&postcount=1967

If you don't feel like saying things out loud here, you can PM me or CrowbarMan or you can come to chat and give us the "yes" or "no".


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Zell is cool. I'd hang out with him in real life.


I expected it to take a little while, though. I'd like to contribute more to the forums (I'm really only in two threads right now) since being gone for so long, but the end of this quarter has kept me truly occupied with studying. I haven't had much time to browse around yet.

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MPUK is offering Bukkit for testing. I think its a good idea to jump ship from the dead hMod to Bukkit, but we thought we'd ask first.

Everybody OK with testing Bukkit?

Also, Zell & Beatdrop have been added to the whitelist.

Please dont be turned off to our server if we have turbulence with Bukkit testing

Edited by Crowbar Man
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