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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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I didn't realize how many craters existed already... I have a mind to just start fresh somewhere else with a different idea. Crowbar, do you have the tools to flatten or remove the one I started? If so, I'll head out further from civilization and start new.

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Kyle Cyril and Chili have been added

There are some tweaks i need to do but so far everythings working

/help is kinda broken so i disabled it

commands for regular:

/me - action

/afk - set yourself afk

/spawn - warp to spawn

/sethome - set your home

/home - warp to your home

/compass - real compass!

/list - list players online

/warp - warp to warps


/tp - teleport to a player

/god - turn off damage

More to come maybe

homes and warps are reset for now, i'll see if i can restore them later

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I donated some materials ( a ton of redstone, seeds, and wheat) in the community chest (the one that's in the spawn, not the group of chests outside of the spawn), If anyone has use for that stuff.

May I request some of those thin sheets of snow? (I'm not really sure how to gather/create that stuff) I like to cover the floors in my house with that stuff.

Oh, and maybe some of those blocks found in the netherworld that will burn forever. I would like to use them for a fireplace.

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