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Free/Pay-What-You-Want Album: Flexstyle - Eye of the Storm (Now on iTunes!)


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Greetings, Overclocked Remix-Heads! I'd just like to point you over to a brand-spankin'-new album I just released, entitled Eye of the Storm. If you head over to my Bandcamp.com page or simply click on that picture above, you'll be able to obtain it for whatever price you wish to pay.

The publicity junk:

Eye of the Storm chronicles--in audible and written form--the journey of a brave group of travelers through a mighty tempest. This is the fourth album from Glendale, AZ-based solo electronic artist Flexstyle, featuring a collaboration with up-and-coming Boulder, CO-based house musician (and OC ReMixer) Hollidayrain and a spectacular remix by Norman, OK-based electro producer (also an OC ReMixer) PrototypeRaptor, winner of the Weeping Clouds remix competition. Included as bonus tracks (in the album download) are contest runners-up Moar and The Loopkitchen with their excellent Weeping Clouds remixes, along with a Flexstyle remix of Danish trance producer Airdrift's song "Phoenix," the original of which is available from Dangerbox Recordings.

Please download, share with your friends, and enjoy!

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Don't feel bad if you don't have the funds, y'all! I made the pay-scheme this way with full knowledge that people could *gasp* actually get my music without paying for it. It's all about the music, money is only secondary! :grin:

I must say, though, if you pimp it out to your friends, family, and neighbors, I'd be a very happy man. 8-)

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