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OCR02172 - Castlevania II 'A Belmont's Curse'

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While it does start sounding like a direct cover, I say that you may as well sound like the best whenever that's an option. Extremely idiomatic stuff in that first 1:30, even though it's extremely similar to the source.

The acoustic section has a slick countermelody that's really exciting to hear. I wonder if including it earlier would have helped the opening metal section differentiate itself from the source material?

The breakout from the acoustic section is nice and slow, getting us accustomed to hearing the awesome electric stuff again.

Nice solo stuff going on at 3:50. Good separation of lead from backup material here also -- the extra effort you put into mastering has obviously paid off.

Since the edgy style of the first 1:30 doesn't come back at the end, it makes me wonder what its place was to begin with. Perhaps on your next submission you choose one style or the other?

Good first submission -- I'd like to hear what you do with a full-out acoustic track down the road.

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Wow, the acoustic part was a true surprise!

omg thnx 4 spoiler alert NOT!


A great remix. I really like what was done with the source. I'll be rocking out to this one for a while, I can tell. I look forward to hearing this remixer's future works!

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This mix has a nice introduction, showing a lot of presence in the beginning, but where I think it really shows a new perspective of the Castlevania remixes, is from 1:25 onwards. The calmer, more fluid acoustic mix is much more inviting to me, giving me a more interested feeling, and helping me to want to hear more.

Good remix, I will look for more of your work.

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In a day like this, metal remixes for Castlevania don't seem to grow old. :)

Considering the nature of the source material, I was originally kind of disappointed at the beginning that the tempo of the track was brought down, but given the nature of some of the melody work of the original it can slide. The arrangement starts off fairly simple with some nice interesting drum work to accompany this tense buildup we got there, though things really start shaking up with the acoustic section that comes in that adds in more depth towards this limited source material, similarly with the blues-metal section that comes somewhat after, carrying strong variations through to the end of the track.

Production-wise, the instruments came out clear and were appropriately panned. I sensed a little bit of noise on the recorded acoustic guitars though, which I am assuming comes with the difficulty of using a microphone for those kinds of instruments, though they've been handled fairly well for themselves and made the acoustic solo sections of the track still stand strong.

So, not quite what I was expecting in regards to the source but I still managed to dig this all the same. Going by the name, I am seriously hoping you'd continue to melt our faces off with future submissions and take these arrangements to the next level :)

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Hard hitting gothic metal, not a bad thing on a slow day like this. But wait, what's this? An acoustic guitar area as well? Now that is a nice idea consider how close the intro was. Any kind of change-up just takes it to that next level. I like how it sort of eased back into the metal bits, like something that arrived with purpose. This is something that someone can walk to and feel like a badass. Nice work on this.

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