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Just moved into a new place and I'm going through stuff that's been in storage for a good while, including a bunch of old EGM issues from as far back as 1997. I was pretty young then and as such didn't take really good care of them, but none are missing covers/pages. I don't necessarily think they're worth money, but I feel like getting rid of them does some small disservice to videogaming history. Is there any person/group I might donate them to?

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I had an EGM subscription right up until it went into hiatus. For some reason they decided to send me Maxim to fulfill my order in lieu of EGM issues. :|

lol! yeah. that had me super confused for about 6 months. :P

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Damn. If only you had EGM that dated back past '92. I've been trying to collect all of the old issues. I have a pretty sizable collection going missing most of the earliest issues but I've been buying/subscribing EGM since issue 54 (January '94). I stopped around 2003 or so since I've felt that the quality was dropping off.

Speaking of old magazines, anyone want some old Wired, GamePro, Nintendo Power, Revolver, ODCM, Wizard, Toyfare Game Informer magazines?

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