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Failure: Tracker error can't connect to database. contact the webmaster

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I am having an issue downloading two (2) albums that I will only be able to get part of due to the bandwidth limit (the limit starts fresh tomorrow)(then i will have to wait till same time next month) but anyway, It seems that i can't download on the OC Remix tracker... the error reads Failure: Tracker Error can't connect to the database. Contact the webmaster.

how do i fix this?

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I think I've noticed that too - some of the newer torrents have a tracker at http://bt2.ocremix.org, but I don't think I've ever seen a torrent actually be able to load that one. But on my machine, with a few random torrents attempted, I connect and start downloading just fine from the other tracker (http://bt.ocremix.org). Does it not download anything at all? If not, your network or ISP might be throttling/blocking torrents.

In the worst case, if you absolutely can't download the torrents, you can get all of the mp3s through regular downloads, and just download them track by track (or in a .zip, if the album has one) in a download manager (like DownThemAll for Firefox, or tons of other ones.)

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