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Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011


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You guys know you get a whole week, right?

Man, I was thinking the same thing, lol. Then again, many of us will get the better part of our remixes finished be the end of today simply because it's the weekend. Alas, work can get in the way of making awesome remixes.

That being said, be sure to at least look over your finished remix sometime like Wednesday, Draconiator - fresh ears can do wonders for any remix.

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Speaking of taking my sweet time.....my mix is finished. XD

@Gario: I call "Blowin'em Outta the Water" as my remix title. :-D

My title is 'I haven't thought of a title yet because I'm spending too much time making an awesome remix'. I'd give you the same advice as Draconiator... but I want to win this round. Or should I say, 'wind' this round. OH, you see what I did thar?!


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Man I'm still trying to work up the motivation to get back started on my mix. After finding out I can't reopen project files in the demo version of FL Studio I lost like 3-4 hours of hard work. That is still killing me because I had some creative (for me anyways) crap going down!

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Although I can't show you the finished product yet, I have put together a little thing using both ACTUAL themes, for one "verse" in my mix, in the exact context they are used.


Boy is that going to be interesting to hear.

So I restarted on my project, decided to go a different route with my bass. Decided to use some 80's stabs, sped it up a bit. Kind of channeling a "Quickman"-esque feel. Now I'm trying to figure out how to mix Sparkman's background arp into Pumpman's bass. Going to switch around the arps to both songs, if I can. :P

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Instead let's express our excitement by mashing our keyboards!



fdjasjgdla;luit8pu43qqeriojfjkl;dkjl;vmkl;ajkl;l;jkm, kkm, kkkkk,k


Maybe it would be better to just contain the excitement....

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Mash your keyboard all you like, but you don't necessarily have to provide samples of your impeccable typing skills. XD

It was very necessary. :tomatoface:

In all seriousness though, I'm doing all I can to keep myself from posting a WIP here out of excitement

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Oh yes, please do post a sample of your work. I can assure you I would very much enjoy stealin' your ideas.


... on the other hand, if we DO somehow use the same techniques or whatnot I don't want people to think I actually stole your ideas, so I guess it's best you don't show your stuff off here. We've got to wait a week to see how badly I beat you, so be patient.


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