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Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011


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Part of me wishes I was in the Mega Man bracket so I could be starting tomorrow. The week of anticipation will kill me.

I was also really looking forward to getting started. Can't say an extra week to get more familiar with my source won't be helpful, though.

Also, thanks for the sig, Trigger!

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Here's hoping the matchups won't be those listed in the first post - it provides a bit of extra time to figure out how to remix your opponent's source... or even start remixing already. Cheating!

Also, here I go hating on the sig: it's too tall. Could be wider and shorter. Rozo hatin'. :tomatoface:

Otherwise it's pretty cool.

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Updated first post with this.

Current News

The mixing stage for the Mega Man Bracket begins on Saturday, May 14 at 12:00PM EDT (4:00PM GMT).

Mixes are due on Saturday, May 21 at 12:00PM EDT (4:00PM GMT).


All entries must be sent to me (DarkeSword) via PM on the forums.

File names must be in the following format:

Remixer - Title (Remixer's Robot Master vs. Opponent Robot Master).mp3


DarkeSword - Snow Problem (Blizzard Man vs. Cold Man).mp3

Please note that the robot master names are two words (e.g. Blizzard Man, not Blizzardman). Also note that versus is abbreviated with a period (e.g. Blizzard Man vs. Cold Man, not Blizzard Man vs Cold Man). Your artist name and mix title can be whatever capitalization you want but the robot master names must be capitalized properly (e.g. Blizzard Man, not blizzard man).

Properly formatted file names make it much easier for me to tag everything properly, which ensures good, consistent metadata on all the files that will be distributed to voters. If you can, strip all ID3 tags from your file before you send it to me, because I redo all the tags anyway.

You must adhere to this file name standard. If you don't, I will seriously consider disqualifying you, and I don't think anyone wants to be disqualified just because they couldn't name their file properly. Last competition I got really cryptic file names like gmrb2wip.mp3 and frost.mp3, and that kind of crap is unacceptable. I like running these competitions, so please don't make the grunt work a pain in the neck for me.

Match-ups go up at 12:00PM EDT (4:00PM GMT).

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