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"Star Wolf Theme" - Star Fox 64


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Hey I took a listen to it. I don't really know that much about music writing and sounds in general so don't take what I say too seriously. Overall so far I think you have a good mix going it's nice relaxing take of star wolfs theme. It starts off really well with your arpeggios (I think thats what they are) I'd like to hear a harder drum it felt a little tiny to me. Your lead synth? I felt it was whiny and a little annoying to my ears but thats me. Near the end when you pick up the pace a little I like what you did there though. I'm certainly intrested in hearing the rest of your mix when you get around to finishing it Star Wolf is an awesome theme from an awesome game albeit taking forever to beat but I digress. Hope this help or not hopefully someone with more musical knowledge can give you better feedback then me

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This sounds great! A couple things that bother me are the frequencies in that sweeping atmospheric pad synth thing that opens the intro. That "woo" "woo" at some points seem too loud and carry this unnecessary frequency that hurts my ears. Should be toned down or cut a little bit.

You have a pretty good arrangement so far and definitely look forward to seeing more updates!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! :)

@Rockos: I'll check out the compression, thanks for pointing it out. Oh and thanks about the strings too :)

@Speedstardian: Every feedback counts! :D It's very appreciated! I'll make sure to check out my lead and drums ;)

@M249-M4A1: Thanks a lot for pointing out the unwanted frequency, you're absolutely right. I'll do my best trying to fix it.

I'll try to post as few updates as possible. I'm trying to train my mixing ears :) But updates WILL come. Please keep the feedback coming, it's really appreciated!

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The filtered intro sounds pretty cool. The build up left me wanting to hear more, which is good. That said, I don't know that the pay off from the main lead was meaty enough. It sounds a little tinny and the bass part is -really- crazy cool but I also felt like the synths felt a little dry. I don't know if that's what you're going for, and it might be, but it does sound off on a few of the synth choices. For instance, the synths in some parts generally sound too soft when they should be more prominent. This was most noticeable in the piano breakdown which was perfectly executed, but it just felt a little soft. I

The arrangement itself is -awesome-. I love some of the stuff you're doing and I know how tricky this song can be to try and remix/arrange. This is a sexy track, I'll definitely keep watching it.

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Just a request for next time: a source breakdown of where you used the originals in your song will greatly help mod review (and also make responding on mod parts usually faster!)

Hmm, so you're using both Star Fox 64 and FFMQ, eh? I like the vibe you've got going on, but your drums are not giving the intensity that the rest of the instruments are conveying. Like, I want to hear really meaty kicks and a little more punch on the snare. Some more hi hat or cymbal work would also be nice. The light-and-tight drums are good for breakdown sections, but your leads are way overpowering them at the moment. If you're going to stick with those, lower the volume a bit and, again, beef up those drums.

I'm not able to listen on my mixing system at the moment, but I think some more attention to production would help a bit. Tone dome some of the harsher frequencies on the highs on those buzz leads, overall mastering seems to suffer a bit from compression. Also the usage of the voice clips so often during the half of the song makes the second half feel unbalanced. Either spread out the clips a little more or use them less overall.

I can hear starwolf in much of the song, but I would like that breakdown to confirm where it all is, plus your usage of FFMQ.

This is close to being ready, just needs some spit and shine, I think.

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Sorry about that! I completely forgot about the source breakdown, so here goes :

0:00-1:18 is mainly inspired by 0:03-0:08 from Star Wolf

(0:42-1:01 features the main melody from Star Wolf)

1:18-2:22 comes from 0:08-0:18 from Star Wolf

2:22-2:27 is 0:18-0:23 from Star Wolf

2:27-2:49 comes from 0:18-0:24 from Star Wolf

2:49-3:35 all comes from 0:24-1:03 from Star Wolf

3:35-3:46 is an original melody on the chords from 0:08-0:18 from Star Wolf

3:46-END features 0:47-1:06 from Dark King (FFMQ)

3:58-END also features 0:08-0:18 from Star Wolf

Thanks a lot for the comments! :-D

I'll keep working on it and post an update eventually.

Here's the new link for latest version: Star King

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Listening to your newest render, I like the ambiance and the general soundscape you've got going on, and I'm appreciating the pretty crazy lead writing/synth choices, but your panning is throwing me off, especially in the intro. Having your kick hard-panned rarely seems like a good idea; if you're going to go for crazy panned percussion, you'd be able to get away with that most on the hats, which aren't going to sound distracting if they're bouncing around the stereo field because they're not mixed as loudly as snares and kicks. Basically, I'd suggest bringing some of your percussion elements closer to center (maybe not panned 100% center but not all the way to the right/left, either.) This issue becomes sort of moot once the song builds up but it's definitely worth noting as it really distracted me while I was listening to the first minute or so.

The kick needs some beef to it, I get the feeling that fixing that one issue would even help with things like the underwhelming transition that I mentioned earlier. Stevo mentioned more specifics in his Mod Review regarding the percussion that I'm inclined to agree with as well. Other than that, your production seems pretty solid actually.

The arrangement starts off pretty deceptively - the first minute was a neat intro, but it felt a bit too stretched out and didn't really accomplish as much as I was expecting. I didn't really have much faith in the mix's prognosis when the beat dropped in either, I like the vocal clip but the transition there just felt weak overall. However, despite the slow start, this mix actually really takes off and gets super-energetic, and feels very much like something I could imagine hearing on OCR. Great breakdown section with the piano (this is actually a rare instance where I think a noticeably-sequenced piano works just fine, actually) and a strong climax after that. Where's the ending, though? Bring back the notorious Star Fox vocal clip motif for an ambient outro, or do SOMETHING for an outro. I'm sure you could find a clever way to end off the track instead of just letting it fizzle out like that :-)

Basically, the bulk of this mix is really solid and definitely OCR quality in my opinion. There just needs to be some work on the mixing, as well as some arrangement fixes to bring the intro/outro/initial beat drop up to the quality level of the rest of the song. Very enjoyable listen though, I can't wait to hear this one tweaked a bit!

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