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PSN is Back!!! - LulzSEC hacked by someone else. TROLOLOLOLOL


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Bigger issue: why is every sector of Sony so terrible at security? And did Sony learn anything about any of this? You'd think after the constant attacks they would be buffing up all their security preemptively. Or hiring someone who knows what they are doing.

These aren't some complex hacks this one is a simple sql injection

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In any event, the Welcome Back package has dropped on the PS Store.

If you keep getting error messages, it's probably because the service is being inundated by the droves of people shoving into the doors all at once.

I was able to get all four of my free games + the theme and movie rentals. For the games, if you get errors after selecting "Get Now," they'll be available in your Account Management -> Transaction Managmenet -> Service List (the top entry on that list). Happy gaming!

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I don't think this has been brought up yet. If you have a PSN account for a different country, you can get welcome back games from that as well. I have an old Euro PSN account from when they had the Killzone 2 demo a week early and I'm downloading Dead Nation and Quest for booty (they get this instead of Super Stardust HD). Got Infamous and Wipeout on my main USA account.

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wait, are you guys serious?! I tried to download the two games. Both times it said "There is no content that you can download at this time" and then when I backed out to the menu, the icon to download the free games were both gone. I assumed it was because I live in Japan. So I'm the only one that got screwed by errors? That sucks!

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No. If that happens, you can still get your games this way:

If at any point you can’t find the ‘Welcome Back Free Game 1 or 2’ products, the list of available titles or a game you’ve selected, go to your XMB>PlayStation Network>Account Management>Transaction Management>Services List>SCEA Promotions to complete the process.

You may have to push your way past some naggy errors but this worked for me.

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and now hotmail and yahoo mail got hacked for spear phishing as gmail was last week.


quick everyone! hack EVERYTHING so that the general population go into a foaming frenzy and force governments to put ridiculous amounts of security so it take 100 points of I.D. to check your mail or when you buy a freaking pair of socks at online shopping sites.

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Wipeout, Super Stardust, or Dead Nation, guys?

I gort Dead Nation and Infamous.

Cba to download them though--Infamous got to 24% then the system turned itself off. I don't wanna sit here and switch inputs on the TV every few minutes to keep it from powering off. I'M A LAZY ASS MUTHA FUKKIN AMERICAN and that's the patriotic truth right there.

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So I picked m two free games (Dead Nation and Wipeout HD) and thanks to Sony's fucking horrible UI for the PlayStation Store, I did not get Wipeout HD. FUCK YOU SONY.

I could forgive your terrible hardware design, because ugly plastic doesn't make games play worse.

I could forgive the awful XMB, because how much time will I really spend in the menu anyway?

I could forgive the constant installations, updates, data syncs, because if the games run good, then I can wait.

I could forgive the terrible setup of the PSN Store, because it's your first time. Nintendo didn't get it right either.

I could forgive the constant hang-ups and disconnections from PSN. Too many different technologies working in tandem is difficult.

I could forgive the practically ancient controller design, because nostalgic nerds and fanboys don't want to admit that the PS controller is awful.

I could forgive the confusing game saves and data organization. I really shouldn't be messing with that stuff anyway.

I could forgive the literally 10-inch charging cable that comes with the wireless controller. At least it comes with one instead of charging you $30 for one. *ahemXboxahem*

I could forgive the $150 for the Move. At least Sports Champions is fun.

I could forgive the PSN outage. It is not your fault that a bunch of asshats decided it would be funny to breach your system and steal tons of innocent people's data.



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