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PSN is Back!!! - LulzSEC hacked by someone else. TROLOLOLOLOL

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So I picked m two free games (Dead Nation and Wipeout HD) and thanks to Sony's fucking horrible UI for the PlayStation Store, I did not get Wipeout HD. FUCK YOU SONY.

dunno if this is what you are talking about, but for the third time:

If at any point you can’t find the ‘Welcome Back Free Game 1 or 2’ products, the list of available titles or a game you’ve selected, go to your XMB>PlayStation Network>Account Management>Transaction Management>Services List>SCEA Promotions to complete the process.

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I mention it twice and PriZm is the lifesaver. |: <

Initial rage tends to blind many from easy answers at first.

I know it surprised me when I tried to get my free games it initially asked me for payment before I realized their "tickets" to be first activated THEN download the games.

Still though other then that I don't think I've ever had problems with the PSN UI except when my internet goes to shit and I see constant connection errors.

On another note regarding the PSN store, I'm looking forward to C:LoS - Resurrection content that has already come out on the 360; which was pushed back on the PSN for June 14th.

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Has anyone tried to reset their PSN password in the last week? I basically ignored my PSP until I got the Welcome Back e-mail from Sony; ever since then, I've been getting the Under Maintenance screen that Irish posted a photo of a couple days ago. I've tried to hit their password-change site multiple times a day every day since whenever that e-mail was sent (last Friday?) with no luck, and I've tried a few times from my PSP too. Am I missing something?

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You have to try to log in using your PSP or PS3. It will then send you an e-mail. Follow the link and you can change your password.

I tried this before but figured I'd try it again now to double-check. From my PSP (I don't own a PS3), it tells me to try from a PS3 or from a website. Not having a PS3, I went to the website and still get the Under Maintenance message. It's not the same website that I get when trying to change my password from Media Go, but both display the same message.

If anyone is able to hit up a login site and change their password after reading this, would you mind posting the link?

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"u laffed at me 4 being 17, now i destroy youu!!!"

I love these guys. When's the real anon going to come out and set things straight? I swear, too many kids are trying to be internet batmans these days.

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the real anon

I lol'd.

This is the real anon. It's a bunch of immature kids and similarly childish 'adults' with delusions of grandeur or a misguided sense of e-purpose. And every time they put themselves in the public eye, they open themselves up to being found out by the system they so despise.

I welcome their idiocy, and the entertainment I get from watching the authorities pick them off one at a time.

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I guess I'm not sure what you mean by "legit". Any reasonable hacker is doing something more productive with his/her life than this childish bulls--t. Maybe they are/were associated with "Anon", but these vocal, publicity grabbing attention hounds are what Anon represents, and the childish antics they have been responsible for is what that have represented for a long time.

Some supporters will grow out of it, some certainly have and have gone on to do productive work in network security and software. Some won't. But I don't think there's a "legit anon" out there with common sense and good intentions. Just these clowns.

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