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Most underrated games of all time


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ItI second LKS and Muramasa. Relatively speaking, sales for LKS are slightly below average, while sales for Muramasa are impressive. That's certainly a lot better than, say, A Boy & His Blob. Beautiful hand-drawn visuals, compelling unlockables, brilliant cohesion of action and puzzles... less than 100,000 sales.

Seriously, there's just too many Wii games out there that people unfairly snubbed. No wonder developers call the system a bomb.

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Thalzon's avatar reminds me of Meteos, amazing puzzle game

Now I wouldn't call it one of the most underrated puzzle games of all time, it definitely was a great game that received fairly little attention. It took a simple premise and reinvented it into something quite addicting and threw in enough variation to keep you hooked for a while.

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Mega Man Legends was really tight, but for me the most underrated game (kind of series) is Breath of Fire. Some pretty unique story idea's during it's time. The wasn't a whole lot of soundtracks that sounded like this one at all. It's really cool and catchy but suffers from low quality midi. The graphics also suffered a little but the over all style was really neat...

...I kind of have a theme going here. haha.

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Here are a few underrated gems that may have flown under everyone's radar:

Stella Deus (Ps2)

Princess Crown (Saturn)

Odin Sphere (Ps2)

Opoona (Wii)

Radiant Silvergun (Saturn)

Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter (Ps2)

Rockman X Command Mission (GameCube)

Vanquish (X360/Ps3)

Dark Sector (X360/Ps3)

Oboromuramasa has already been cited a few times, and I wholeheartedly agree. :)

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I'm gonna have to say Shinobi III on Sega Genesis.

I rarely see any praise for this game and personally I don't really understand why. It had a really awesome graphical style for the time, and the game played remarkably smooth. It was a fine example of an action platformer. The few reviews that I've actually seen of it also seem to dismiss the soundtrack as simply "decent", but dammit I loved it. There were some really awesome songs that really fit the game well. (I also think it needs moar remix love)

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