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Move over Rebecca Black


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that's a funny joke

Hey, whether you like the song (or anyone does) is irrelevant to what I said. After hearing it once, you'd recognize any part of the song again and probably sing the chorus, and I'll be damned if more than very few people on these forums can produce a song that is as aesthetically pleasing as the production on the track.

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The lyrics aren't laugh-out-loud retarded like Friday's, though ("gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal"), nor is the metric flow of the words as bad as in Friday, nor does the subject matter seem vaguely inappropriate to the genre as in Friday. They're Norwegian, too, so there's at least a possibility that they're just not that good with the English language. The people who wrote Friday have no such excuse.

... but, oh dear, key changes like that have no business existing.

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Wow.... just wow.

The track is a glorious failure at everything it's attempting.

It's not funny, it's just terribad, and the douchey people in the video really annoy me more than anything else. Rebecca Black had that "aw its a little kid singing and she's awful and doesn't realize the magnitude of evil she has created" thing going for it.

This ... this is just a lot of douchebags trying to be funny. And I occasionally find funny satirical douchebags entertaining (SEE: Gunther!) but this is just kind of sad.

Someone should have stopped this.

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To be honest i'm not gonna even watch the video just gonna do what should of been done with rebecca black and that stupid other one singing about jeans.

What is this thing im gonna do you may ask?


Ignore it.

Edit: could not resist watching due to my curiosity and my god i couldn't last even a minute into it.

now excuse me i'm about to drown my ears in bleach.

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I suppose we could start linking good songs but all you'd get out of me would be joe satriani, deadmau5,daft punk or dream theater unfortunately :P

Add Liquid Tension Experiment and RUSH and you've got most of my favourite bands / artists out there.

Anyways, this is terrible, pretty much. I refuse to believe this is a serious music video.

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I'm with Moseph on 'Friday's' lyrics being embarrassingly insipid, which was my main turnoff there. Not to mention Becc's 'deer-in-the-headlights' look.

If we're having a thread for comparison's sake, then here's my take: I've had the same result here as with 'Friday'... I just can't force myself to get past the first chorus. I guess that would mean they're about equal.

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