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League of Legends: I finally updated the player list in the OP!


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S4 ranked might seem worse because of more statistical noise, ESPECIALLY if you're around 1200 elo (which is average). Everyone's MMR is now closer to 1200. That means bad players are closer, as are GOOD players. Greater chance of toxic games or bad matchups. Likewise, since people are dumped at 1200 mmr by default, and many people start playing ranked at the beginning of the season... you have even more noise than you normally would. Give it some time to shake out.

My rules for solo queue:

* I never rage or flame. It literally never helps.

* I don't blame people. If someone messed up I will try to be constructive like, "Leona, let's be less aggressive at bot so we can catch up" instead of "Don't get grabbed like a dumbass"

* Pick order > call order. Also, I try to be flexible like "Strongly pref ADC, but can fill"

* I always say "glhf"

These thinks probably only help a tiny bit but hey... better than nothing.

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OCR Heroes had 3 straight amazing victories for ranked play tonight! We are almost at our first series for Silver 3 and may even skip a division or two if we're lucky xD Very well done guys! Amazing plays!

We'll shortly have some top plays and highlights coming your way from brushfire so stay tuned for some sweet plays from yours truly and the rest of the skilled OCR Heroes team!

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