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FREE ALBUM RELEASE - Refractions Of A Dream


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As a few of you may know by now, I've been working on an original album of material for quite some time now. This has all finally come to fruition with this release, "Refractions of a Dream"

Some of you will know this music from my Alice In Wonderland Narrative Soundtrack video on youtube, so if you liked the music, now is the chance to download it.

The whole album was original envisioned as one long progressive track, which is how I'd like people to view the album, and listen to it (the album is gapless and all the tracks transition into each other) Because of this, I very strongly encourage that people download the whole album, rather than individual tracks.

The album is pay what you want (i.e. FREE) but any donations are greatly appreciated should you wish to purchase the album :)

Anyway, Check out the album, and I hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks again,


Very Special Thanks goes to the following people for buying the album, you guys are AMAZING and I <3 you:

Tim Sleeper

Drew Gourley

Alex Reeves



Steve Barry


Steve Duncan

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Saw this on Youtube, I think the day you uploaded it :D Such a superb blend of atmospheric/dissonant soundscapes and Pink Floyd-influenced groove, much to my liking :D

Jesus, I'm seriously amazed at the effort put into this, the attention to detail, and of course the music itself. I could never even IMAGINE doing something like this, never mind actually having the ability to do it! All the sounds used are just absolutely splendid. I especially liked the section of "The Caterpillar" and "Tulgey Wood" combined :D

Downloaded, for anytime I want to just lose myself :-D

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"in the vein of"

In the vein of spelling crits:

The album is suppose to be listened through all at once

supposed, right?

Anyway, I gotta ask - am I the only one who thinks the guitar is out of tune some of the time? Like, badly out of tune? I'm guessing it doesn't bother most people. Will gets this complaint from me all the time, I just wanna know if anyone else is hearing it.

Like I said before though, cool soundscapes overall, and I really like the flute parts.

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I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for the critiques and feedback, as well as the people who donated, you guys are AWESOME.

On a small side note, i'm not going to be keeping this album free forever (probably going to bump a price on the album in a week or fortnight) so get it now while its free!

One last thing... not trying to sound like a hard ass, but you could you guys try and keep the spelling/grammer comments to a minimum? I know i'm not the best speller in the world, but try to keep this on topic yeah ;)

Cool beans, and thanks again guys, if you haven't downloaded it then DO IT NOW, and any feedback in this thread is greatly appreciated :)



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i have a critique, why is your name written in zelda font?

it might just be me, but i think it's a little unprofessional, that's all. it's the music that counts though, of course. and the music is good.

Well, you see my signature right. I thought it would be most fitting to use that font as its a shout out to my video game remix persona. I figured it could be seen as an "easter egg" for people who know what it is because like gollgagh says, not everyone will make the connection. I think its rather sad you might find that unprofessional, but each to his own I guess :(

That said, thanks for downloading the album, I hope you enjoyed it :)

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Ok, just listened to this album and it was very cool, to say the least.

The overall tone was mystifying and mellow, which I liked, and the guitar parts were always a treat. The tempo changes were interesting, a little random it seemed, but I guess that's just part of the theme of the album. The instruments sounded cool, and the transitions between songs were very fluid. An easy album to relax to, great job WillRock! Loved it! :-D

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