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MAGFest X! PMD Time :(


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Well I was fooling around with Kun, just about everywhere actually. I guess we were unlucky? Or maybe I should have stayed around after the OCR panels instead of heading right back to my gamer magcraze xD But it was nice meeting you too! :)

By the way, am I the only one who thought that jamspace was ridiculously chaotic? I had a cool jam though, and I wish I'd have played with some of you guys. Next year? :D

Oh and I have a few suggestions for the OCR workshop panel. Should I start a new thread, or should I pm them to someone?

You could post them here - any feedback would be much appreciated, it was our first time running something like that.

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You were explaining how the "Frost" part of your name was completely random.

On a completely unrelated note, how much did you drink that night? :P

That was YOU? Brain fail.

I had nothing to drink, but I was pushing about 20 hours awake at that point. I had been up since 3am on Thursday, so I wasn't exactly remembering things.

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You could post them here - any feedback would be much appreciated, it was our first time running something like that.

All right!

- First off, I think some sort of skill level should be fixed, and be included in the panel's title, like "for beginners", "having a few basics is recommended" or such (and the content should be adapted accordingly).

- I think showing many different DAWs is not such a good idea for a panel this short. I think it might be better to explore just one of them, so you'd have more time to introduce more concepts about remixing. Just talking about them a bit at the beginning is a great idea though.

- I think explaining how to find a sound and how to customize it would be a great idea. A common problem among beginners is the use of generic synths, so showing what you can do to personalize them would be great.

- This might be included in my last point, but showing how to layer drums (or other sounds) could be interesting.

- Talking about a few specific common effects (reverb, delay, chorus, etc.) and talking about parameter automation might also be a good idea.

I think this pretty much sums up what I had thought about. I think this panel is a great idea, so keep it up! :)

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They seriously need to get something more effective than a carnival bracelet next year. I pretty much rip it off as soon as I get it so I can shower the next morning. Then the cleaning lady throws it away. Not the best idea. I see people on the last day who still have theirs on and I'm like egad man, didn't you shower?

no seriously, they're waterproof. i've showered multiple times with one on, they're not made out of printer paper or something.

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So I don't think I should write a list of everything I experienced because I would go on forever and probably forget a few things, but at least share some highlights.

I love the fact Nobuo ate my voice at The Earthbound Papas concert. Dancing Mad is my FAVORITE VG SONG EVER so congrats on stealing my voice. Progress on getting it back: 80%. Most of us had a dream of always meeting him so I'm glad I got that accomplished. Thanks MAGFest for that! Now all we need is Yasunori Mitsuda at next MAG!

Something I also could never forget is how hard I tried to get drunk before the OCR panel because I had to speak about the Wild Arms project. Thanks Doug & Michelle, love you. <3 Because of that though, great times were had at the Metroid Metal concert...still don't remember anything that was played, but was tempted a few times going up on stage. Maybe if I had 2 more drinks in me, I would've done it. :lmassoff: I also took a lot of great pictures during that concert. Thinking it was the alcohol that did it. Thanks djp for letting me speak at the panel, even if I sobered up 15 mins before I had to get up there. :whatevaa: It was a wonderful experience watching Wesley (Bahamut) be a drunk person too! I remember trying to take care of him....Heh.

I connected a lot with Jarel (Arrow), Chris (Velocifero) & Aaron (Global-Trance) this MAG. A lot of deep conversations were had. I'm not going through PMD as bad as I did last year, but I am heartbroken I can't hang with a lot of you IRL more often. The goal is definitely Otakon now. It was a pleasure finally meeting Lizz and hope she comes back next MAG so we can hang more often. Luke was also a fun sight to see. Definitely come back too!

I think what was easier on me was staying a few more days after MAG ended. What Velocifero said, it's like ripping off a band-aid. Therefore, I appreciate Stevo and Val welcoming me to their beautiful home and great dog to have even better times. The best time there was playing Rayman Origins & Bomberman multi-player. I haven't had that much fun since I was a little girl. I don't remember the last time I constantly smiled and laughed the way I did this past week. Only MAG does this to me, even if all of us got 3-4 hours of sleep per day. THE MAPLE COOKIES WERE ALSO GOOD. 8) We also went somewhere called Ginza. Deia, Andrew, Wesley, Aaron, Chris, Greg, Katie, Ari, Stevo, Val, & I all went and it was worth every penny for the 5 course meal. It is the best meal experience I've ever had.

Another thing was hanging out at Brushfire's place with a whole crew a day before MAG. His wife made some delicious burgers so thanks for going out of your way for us!

To those who have never been to MAG, jealous of MAG or just refuse to go to MAG because you think it isn't worth the money - you're wrong. Start saving money now for the next one and you won't be sorry. Everyone will welcome and accept you. There is nothing like it. No words can explain the experience. Just do it.

If any of you would like to see my folder of MAG X: KILLER STUDIO CHOPS, click here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.250922221647579.59831.100001894080067&type=3

Or glimpse at some of my pix:






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