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MAGFest X! PMD Time :(


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THURSDAY, 1/5, 6-7PM - Panels 2

Submission philosophy of OC ReMix vs. Dwelling of Duels

The submission policies of OverClocked ReMix are often a hotly contested topic, especially with the rise and fall of VGMix, and the continuing growth of Dwelling of Duels. The moderators of the two sites will sit together on a panel and discuss/debate their strengths and weaknesses.

HINT: Our strengths are we love everything. Their weakness is assuming everything here is BOOM HISS BOOM HISS "E" GLOW STICKS HOORAY TEKNOZ PRODUCTION BIAS!

THURSDAY 1/5 LATE NIGHT into FRIDAY, 1/6, 12-1:30AM! - Panels 3

OverClocked After Dark!

Join David, Stevo, Brian, and the rest of the OverClocked After Dark crew for a live taping of the show. Audience participation HIGHLY encouraged. Featuring: contests with prizes, fanfic reading, "gamerage corner," guest interviews, and a whole lot more!


FRIDAY, 1/6, 11:30AM-12:30PM - Panels 2


Join staff & artists from the OverClocked ReMix community for a live one hour workshop, as we discuss how we ReMix our favorite video game music. We'll cover the basics of getting started, including software & hardware, and then BAM take it up a notch with some more specific topics like mastering, dubstep wobbles, humanization & quantization, subtractive synthesis, stutter FX & MORE!



OC ReMix: Having Freaky, Consensual Intercourse with VGM Since 1999!!

What do Wild ARMs, Mega Man X, Final Fantasy 9, and Donkey Kong Country 3 have in common? They're all recent or upcoming FREE albums from OC ReMix! Join us for live performances, highlights of community projects, exclusive announcements, the world's second (known) Cheetahmen II championship, trivia, prizes, Larry shouting at people, and so... much... MOAR!!

We're taking our talents to late night!



Video Game Music as a Genre

FRIDAY, 1/6, 10-11AM - Panels 1

Indie Game Music Listening Party

Hang out with indie composers and listen to their previous and current works. Hear music from and meet the composers of Super Meat Boy, Scrolls, Retro City Rampage, Mass Effect 2 and more!

ThaSauce Meet Up

FRIDAY, 1/6, 10AM-12PM - Panels 3

ThaSauce is a news portal for the video game remix community. Additionally ThaSauce features a "compo" system to encourage users to hone their composition skills in a friendly competitive environment as well as hundreds of video game arrangements not available anywhere else. This year they will be talking about some exciting new features that will hopefully change the way you experience the video game remix scene.

Orchestral Game Music & Society

FRIDAY, 1/6, 1-2PM - Panels 4

Join members of the country's first collegiate orchestra dedicated to game music performance for a discussion of various topics surrounding orchestral game music, including its roles in education, popular culture, and the video game industry as a whole!

Too Ugly For YouTube: Video Game Radio

FRIDAY, 1/6, 3-4PM - Panels 5

Broadcast Excitement! Learn the ins and outs of webcasting heroes Arecibo Radio and 8bitX Radio. Talk shop with the hosts of each awesome show, find out how you can pitch your own idea and get your very own timeslot, and hear all about the pros and cons of internet radio versus terrestrial airwaves.

Video Game Name That Tune 8

FRIDAY, 1/6, 5-7PM - Panels 3

Do you know your video game music? Are you sure? Join host Tim Ekkebus and the game-tune spinning Zeiram, to test your memory of some of your favorites, and some that aren't. Will you make it to the final round?

Extra Credits Q&A

FRIDAY, 1/6, 6-7PM - Panels 2

Daniel Floyd (OC ReMixer sephfire) and James Portnow, the fun guys behind PATV series, "Extra Credits" may not know what they're in for at their very first MAGFest, but you can be sure they'll have plenty to say on the inner-workings of video games.

Bad Dudes

SATURDAY, 1/7, 9:30-10:30AM - Panels 4

Bad Dudes Music presents their official 2012 panel. Featuring some of the most prominent names in the remix scene, the panel details the group's upcoming releases, side-projects, and more. It'll also provide an unprecedented look at their workflow, from writing and arranging, to managing and producing a full-length album.

Grant Kirkhope Q&A

SATURDAY, 1/7, 11AM-12PM - Panels 2

The composer of such RARE classics as "Goldeneye," "Banjo-Kazooie," "Perfect Dark" (and other non-RARE titles) will have a wealth of wisdom, stories and information to offer on both his profession and video games in general.

Indie Game Musicians Protips and Q&A

SATURDAY, 1/7, 2:30-4:30PM - Panels 1

Composers from the Indie Game scene will be discussing topics of their choosing, ranging from breaking in to their tips for great audio execution. Meet the composers for Scrolls, Super Meat Boy, Bastion and more!


SATURDAY, 1/7, 3-4PM - Panels 4

Internet nerd icon BRENTALFLOSS leads a loosely-formatted Q & A with sneak peeks at upcoming projects as well as a buttload of free candy.

James Rolfe: The Angry Video Game Nerd

SATURDAY, 1/7, 6-7PM - Panels 3

James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd and founder of Cinemassacre.com answers all your questions.

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While I'm at it...

Is this supposed to be taken condescendingly or jokingly? I can't tell. I know a flake a lot on this but I can't help that.

A gingerly goad because I REALLY want you to actually come one of these times because, I mean...jamspace. Last time we jammed was at Taucer's in '09! I'm crossing my fingers that you can coerce your friends this time.

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I am totally set on going, though I wont have any people from around here to go with so I'll have to split a room with some OCR people it looks like. Would prefer people I've at least talked to a bit on IRC or whatnot, but hopefully I'll figure something out.

So exciting.

=D awesome, man! if i'm going, you're on my list of newbies to meet :<

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A gingerly goad because I REALLY want you to actually come one of these times because, I mean...jamspace. Last time we jammed was at Taucer's in '09! I'm crossing my fingers that you can coerce your friends this time.

I apologize for accusing you of any malicious intent, I should have known better. :<

But yes, hopefully I'll be able to come and we can all rock out like one big family. <3

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