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[ALBUM RELEASE] Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin' (A Concrete Man Remix EP)

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Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin' (A Concrete Man Remix EP)




  1. Flexstyle - Cement Extacy
  2. Sir NutS - Byte Blocks
  3. Peter M. Crockett - Concrete Boots
  4. Brent Wollman - Concrete Man (Chunky Mix)
  5. C7 - The Filler
  6. Inflatable Arson - 10 Tons of Swing
  7. urdailywater - Invisible Concrete
  8. Rexy - A Concrete Orange
  9. Neblix - Concreto Bossa
  10. The Coop - Battle of Rock and Sand
  11. Hakstock - Now We're Ready to Mix! (The Concrete)
  12. DaMonz (feat. Trainbeat) - Mega Blocked
  13. Jason Covenant, AkumajoBelmont - Concrete Heart


So hey, that Mega Man 9 album came out yesterday, right? Pretty good (except for the crappy Magma Man remix), right? But I feel like something's missing. What could it be? Oh yeah.



Crap! We forgot to make sure all the Robot Masters were represented on the album! I consider this a gross oversight and will not let it stand!

So here's what we're gonna do, OC ReMix crew. We're gonna do right by our pal Concrete Man and give him the musical tribute he deserves. Here's what I want you to do!

  1. Listen to this:
  2. Make the rockinest, sockinest, most cinder-blockinest remix of that song you can!
  3. Send me the remix via PM by September 17th! Don't post it here!

That's right, you only get one week! I know you guys can remix that fast, you did it in that kick-ass Grand Robot Master Remix Battle we had this summer.

I will evaluate the remixes myself and get back to you on fixes needed. We'll go another week for fixes (Sept 24) and then package up the songs in a nice ZIP file and pimp the shit out of it. Who knows, if we get some really awesome ones, we might fast track it to the panel (no promises)!

Well, what are you still doing here reading this? Turn on your cement mixers and GET MIXIN'! :mrgreen:

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Love this theme! I've already had something I did in the past for it, but it's more of a cover than it is a ReMix. I've actually never done a remix myself. If this doesn't count, I hope some people can at least use it for inspiration. It's such an awesome theme. :)

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Give me an angry hip-hop song about Concrete Man getting left out.

i'm expecting a total tongue in cheek song much like the "My Greatest Rival" from the pokemon album, can't beleive you guys missed out the hardest boss i ever fought( hehe hard, concrete i made a funny)

concrete man was the first megaman boss i had ever fought so i can't wait for a remix for him, good luck guys :D

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This sounds neat; funnily enough I was thinking of potential ideas for a Concrete Man arrangement when I saw the BiB tracklist.

Nevertheless, since I'm on holiday from the 11th through to the 17th that'll probably mean that if I can get in I'll have to churn a finished arrangement in 2 days; no easy feat, but I'm sure I'll try my best :wink:

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Haha this is awesome. I too was wondering what happened to Concrete Man!

However, I have to wonder if this is just another of DarkeSword's cleverly disguised attempts (see GRMRB) to have people make Mega Man remixes for him... :)

I've been found out, but I don't care! 8)

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Give me an angry hip-hop song about Concrete Man getting left out.

How about this?

Hold up! Ya'll forgot about me?

Concrete Man on this mp3

OverClocked ReMix left me off the mix list

Now I'm just one pissed overlooked remix

Top boss like Tha Sauce

Owning noobs like brentalfloss

"I'm sorry"'s a lost cause

Once ya got this 'bot crossed

Back in blue? Well I'm here in grey

Call me Big C, and I'm here to stay

My Concrete Shot's more than ya got

Frozen in place, prepare to get body dropped

WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM as a result of my Stone Hands

You're just mad I crushed your Mr. Perfect plans

You mad, bro? I turn Magma to stone

The socket's been Plugged and the Galaxy's been overthrown

Your Tornado blows and your Jewels aren't protective

And your Splash attack's not very effective

Your Hornets can't sting and break me apart

I'm gonna bury you like a pile of E.T. carts

The Big C EP of Restitution

Remembering me is your new resolution

Concrete Man, now you won't forget me

Leave me off the album? Can the judges, DJP!

...or something like that. I was really bored at work today, haha!

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