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Hm, I get to be the first to comment on 017. Woo?

Yeah, pixie, you did pretty good. 'Cept that "All Canadians sound the same" remark. For that, we MAY need to string you up. So..watch out.

But yeah, you sounded a little more timid than Aurora, but not like..."cowering in the corner" timid. Plus, you were there to laugh at Rayza's horrible pronounciation of the japanese names. Aurora's no better, so she doesn't laugh at him. Seems that pixie knows the score though ;)

Rayza: ElectroLYTIC Man. Not Electrolic. Tsk.

Aurora: Nice. REAL nice. Poor Jill.

pixie: MORE comments about Canadians? But..one of my friends DOES do the bottle display thing...so..uhm...shhhh.

One thing I've noticed about all the episodes...might just be the way my WinAmp is running, but it always says it's a little longer than it is. That is, if I'm actually watching the time, the show ends with anywhere from 3 to 9 seconds left. Just...an odd little thing, wondered if it's happening to other people too.

Anyways, good show, uhm...keep up the good...VGDJ'ing.

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Great job again, guys. Pixietricks sounded good for her first show. Looking forward too next week's. I don't know, I always knew Rayza was a sick and twisted person, but it didn't really sink in until this last show. :P I guess Aurora keeps him in check or something. Be sure to lay down the law next time, Pixie, so he doesn't totally go out of control. :wink:

Keep up the good work!

P.S. Rayza: NESK - VAR - TETT - EN! God! :P

EDIT: Haha, sorry Wes, sometimes, the truth hurts. Pixie's right, Rayza could play on Live as you, and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. :P

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Nice. Very nice. I didn't know Jill was going to be hosting the show, but now that she is, I think it's really cool.

Excellent surprises, everyone.

BTW, what episode will Jill be hosting up until? If Episode 19 goes under her belt, then perhaps so will the Chrono Symphonic announcement. One of the remixers on the project hosting the interview with the creator? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?!



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Claado- Yeah, I'll be filling in again for 018 and 019. That'd be great if we could cover Chrono Symphonic while I'm still around. I'd love that. ^_^

As for my timidity, sorryyy. Rayza's scary! Nah, not really. But I've never really done something like this before, so... Hopefully I'll be a little more outgoing next week, hehe.


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pixietricks was awsome on the podcast, and ya for the comment earlier, i do now realize how sick and twisted Rayza is lol. hopefully we'll be hearing more of pixietricks for more then just a couple of shows. hmm maybe it might be nice to get rid of rayza for a show or two?... just a thought.

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Hey there! I'm new on the forums, but i have been coming to the site for a while. I'd like to say that I have recently gotten an iPod, and the idea of Podcasting was very apealing so what was the first i tried? Good ol' VGDJ!

I like to say it is an excelent work, very well done. I think a Podcast-y newsletter on OCRemix is a great idea an i'd like to congratulate Rayza, Aurora and recently Pixietricks (i have listened to their remixes before i just didnt know they were big enough on the community to make a Podcast :P ) on the excelent work they have done. I have only listened to nº 17, but ill be listening yours soon Aurora hehe.

And before i go just two things:

1-Which weekday is the new eps. released?

2-Pixietricks you have a great singing and radio voice!! Your work on Prayer is amazing (thats you singing right?) Congratulations :D

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Linearity will be on 018! Thanks for calling us at 1-800-990-VGDJ

Edit: Also, if anyone is an IRC noob but wants to chat in our channel, try www.vgdj.net/irc/irc.html

We'll try this for a bit and see how it works out. Don't forget to use

/nick YourNickname

to change your name once you've connected. Hopefully this works in everyones browser and Java version..

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Hey, man thanks for answering.

I have iTunes but i'm a Podcast newb so i was just checking but i guess the update is automatic :P

I have a couple of suggestions:

1-Instead of just playing a bit of the two new chosen remixes every week, you could play all of it! Also instead of simply playing one of the songs in Russian Roulette you could play 2 or 3! or go crazy and play all 6! I just think more music would really improve the 'cast (short for podcast :P)! After all it is about a music site!

2- I think both of you should give a "review" of the 2 tunes chosen, instruments, sequences, the overall melody and how it differs from the original, whatever!

This would make the two chosen tunes part a lot more consistent!

I think these ideas improve the show, but if you dont wanna do them, then, you are a big "lazy butt!!" :D

Hehe, just kidding :wink:

Keep up the good work!!

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Long time listener. First time posting in a long time.

But WOW. Pixietricks, can you please address the question I asked Aurora in Ep. 2?

And what question would that be? Sorry, I can't remember, and I'm not gonna listen to 30-40 min of episode 2 to find it. ^_~

How does one get into your pants!!

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