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I'm especially good at NEW AGE MAKING!

why when he was a lad, he mixed four dozen tracks every morning to help him get ample

now that he's grown, he mixes five dozen tracks,


(had to force that one...)

No-o-o-o-o o-o-ne fights like Wingless!

Makes sound bites like Wingless!

Creates Flash-based, dial-up-killing sites like Wingless!

He'll use vocals in all of his RE-mix mak-ing!

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As i said before...

We desperatly need eps 018... Is this what this board looks like the day before the new eps? Parodying old Disney movies??

Ok then next week it's Alladin y'all!

Why wait til next week?


Rayza makes a Fart, Aurora's a Tart


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Haven't listened to it yet, but I assume by the little emoticon just above me that it's still with Jilly?

Yep, pixie is in again for 019 then back to Aurora on 020.. Maybe I can get some 3some action..

If so, Unmod DEMANDS pix.

And yes pixie, you're officially Jilly to me, like it or not.


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Hey I wanted to clarify something about the lockdown you guys were talking about.

The lockdown is NOT a re-evaluation of every mix on the site based on CURRENT standards. The lockdown is a reviewal of all songs on the site to find mixes that are in VIOLATION OF OCR POLICY, i.e. MIDI rips, plagiarism, completely original work using only samples from games, etc. We are not going to rejudge every song to see if it meets the current bar.

If you guys can mention that in the next show, that'd be great. Also, next time it'd probably be better to get the full story from a judge, just so misinformation doesn't get spread around. Just sayin.

Other than that, this show was a great listen. Nice work, once again.

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