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OCR02305 - Mega Man 4 "Pharaoh's Last Dance"


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This is a fantastic mix from every aspect. Great instrumentals, great production, great arrangement. In fact I've had this thing on my playlist for years and it seems like it has been listed on the "To Be Posted" mix list for just as long. Really really great stuff from Vurez. I'd say this has to be my favorite mix of his ever, although his track from the MM9 album is really great as well.

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Ethic disco? Okay, yeah, works for me. I'm always up for something different, and this is a masterfully different song. Killer percussion and the ethic instrument samples just sound so crisp and real, it's amazing. Terrific work on the strings and this ReMix has your style written all over it. A plus for a grade for giving it a good Egyptian feeling with a sweet beat.

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Like I said in the #ocremix IRC when it came out, this doesn't sound like disco, even with the strings; they feel more like an accompanying instrument to fit with this arabic atmosphere that's going on. So take that. :razz:

Going through this properly, I do feel kind of sad that the Mega Man 4 project never really took off, but I'm glad something solid managed to come out of it.

There's been some good working with the first half of the source with that gentle intro, before going into an interpretation of the theme and some solid original soloing work. Basically anyone's who's heard Vurez's works would probably know what to expect in regards to arrangement quality, even with some nice original work being fitting in variations of the theme as well as some wonderfully manipulated fake acoustic guitars.

There also appears to be a huge highlight for me at 2:18 and that's where the punji comes in with some wonderfully expressive work and adds a significant amount of cultural flavor towards the track with it taking center stage. It's moments like that that really start to get you to sit up and pay attention to what's going on.

If there's anything that I noted here with both this and past works, your drum kit work often seem to be your weakest component. Don't get me wrong, you often counter it strongly with some very interesting hand percussion work to make up for it, but most of the time there doesn't seem to be any cymbal writing being done other than the crashes; try and see if you can fit in some hihat/ride work, and be sure to treat the drum kit like the real thing.

That little qualm aside, this is a very charming arrangement and I'm glad to see that Vurez is still around with us and also continuing to represent these more obscure Mega Man Robot Masters. So be sure to keep up the effort, and I'll look out for your future works :D

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