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OCRA-0004 - Kirby's Adventure: Rise of the Star


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Hello hello! It's the cover artist! And he has a present for all of you. It's a miniature album cover for all of your iPod and desktop album display needs.


Pop this baby in your Rise of the Star folder and be on your way to not-gigantic-album-art-with-insert-attached-like-it-is-in-the-torrent heaven. The Star has Risen, and it shines so brightly...

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Did a Wikipedia page for the project based on a template from Rmrfstar's Kong in Concert Wiki entry (which I also updated). Check it out at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rise_of_the_Star, and of course Shariq or anyone else that can genuinely contribute to the page is encouraged to fix any potential inaccuracies and provide additional details for the project. Pink is not a cool colour, man.

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It's probably been a while since you got hit up on this sweet diddy...but it was bound to happen considering my excavation of OC's past projects:

Theme of Great Ace:

Remember that scene after the good guys have gotten the big ugly beat down by some stiff-collared evil army?

The sparse bloodied platoon is sorely defeated and all hope seems to have run dry. The hero takes one scan around and stands tall -- like a glorious statue of William Wallace. [This is where the music does its thing]

He then boldly announces to his broken comrades that defeat is not an option. Gathering their courage with his fiery ignitions, one by one they stand with that wild-eyed look of hope and possible victory. The hero sees he's mustered them to their feet, but he rages on! Soon, the scene erupts into the joyous shouts of men on their way to fight their final battle.

Later, the song tells the brave yet sad tale of these mighty few. Out-numbered and over-tired, many are lost (lots of slow-motion cuts of men falling into the mud with agonized looks twisting their faces)...

But once the smell of flesh blood settles, and the dust clears a path...we see the hero with a handful of survivors, bad-ass silhouttes of the victorious! Oh, and they're mysteriously transported to a mountain summit, where they pose with victorious manliness!

Good work, I enjoyed this track particularly.

So, thanks.


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I don't know if I've already written about how much I like this project.

Thank you.

I like how the entire cd manages to have different genres of music but all the tracks complement each other pretty well. I don't know if that's worded right, so I'll say that all the tracks seem to belong to the same CD.

Very good, this is very good.

I love you

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hmm haven't commented on this yet

this is probably the best site project on the site...short, cohesive, and mostly quality music. the whole album is enjoyable to listen to with the exception of son of wind and hero of lore...son of wind is just so cliche and mechanical, and hero of lore just makes me want to sleep when i think it was really meant to have some sense of grandeur.

still, good job on this one.

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Guest Ramennoodles518

I hate to be the confused, newbie non-remixer who comes in with questions, but here I am. I tried downloading the album, but only some of the tracks play properly. When I attempt to play certain tracks on my computer (Windows XP using Windows MediaPlayer), it tells me that the file type and extension do not match, and an error occurs. The affected tracks are as follows:

02. Free Breezin'

05. Kirby... tacular!

08. Generalized Vegetal

11. Dreams of Valor

They were all downloaded from different mirrors (as I don't have BitTorrent), and I first thought that perhaps I had just downloaded corrupted files. I then attempted to download "02. Free Breezin'" from each mirror, but discovered that none of them work.

All of the files are odd, and range from 500KB to 1.5 KB in size-- which makes no sense. At first I thought maybe I needed a special codec, but I'm not sure. Perhaps these files are these FLAC files I keep reading about? It doesn't seem plausible as it's reported that these are quite large.

Is there something stupid I'm doing that I'm not realizing (besides using Windows? Hehe...), or some easy way to remedy this? I've greatly enjoyed the rest of the album and really would like to hear the rest. Any ideas, input, or help is greatly appreciated! I can also post this in the help part of the forum if it's necessary. Thanks in advance!

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Guest Ramennoodles518
If that's the case, you definitely don't have completed downloads of those songs. Just try redownloading them from the site (mirrors #3 and #5 work for me)

Well shoot. Mirror #3 worked this time. I've no idea what happened before, since I tried re-downloading "02. Free Breezin'" from all of the mirrors to test, and they were all fragmented. Must've been some weird screwup-- could've been the internet, my computer, or any number of things. And now I just look like an idiot. Excellent! :D

Anyway, thanks for your help. I've got the full album now and am enjoying it greatly!

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