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OCR02337 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Chemical Blip"


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Anti-Syne! Glad to see you made a return :D

Now this is certainly different than your house-driven takes on FF8 earlier this year; I can see the accidental nature with the fusion between original chords and the familiar Chemical Plant riff, and somehow it managed to work well in establishing the track's nature. Sure, there's still some house influences like the FF8 tracks, though I'd say it leans more towards the American definition of house rather than the French influences of the previous 2 subs. I'd see the little percussion breakdown at around 1:47 being a strong highlight in regards to building up the mood as well, one that really managed to provide some strong feeling of life to the track.

Generally a clean production work has occurred as well, though is that you doing the "get ready" samples there? It's a good way to go, though I am not too sure about the flimsy recording space there. Either way it doesn't detract too much from the track; in general it's got the setting that really upped your game since previous subs.

So all in all, way to go Jack! And keep representing us British, will ya :)

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Pretty slick. The "Get Ready" clip starting off the upbeat portion was a great touch, and the fact that it was used again later was cool. Thankfully you didn't try to over do it on the voice clips. The blippy glitch part of the track was fantastic and fun to listen to. A pretty good break house ReMix that really makes electronica shine.

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