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Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute - History

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I so need to get in touch with Usa, I was listening to my song and it really is all done damnit, I just need the render.

Also, I may be getting a new computer real soon (and maybe even a tablet too so I can do art without a mouse hee) so if you need any artwork touch ups or critiques or anything, and I am around, pm me or something and I will see what I can do...I sure hope this thing gets finished sometime before 2007 ;P

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Okay, I finally finished all the pics I was supposed to do as well as a few of NeoForte's. I sent KWarp the images through email, but I haven't gotten a confirmation from him saying he recieved them. I'm assuming he's just busy with school and unable to check on his email. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that.

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