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Your most played OCR songs!?


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Simple and effective,

The original was a masterpiece already so sixto had something awesome before even picking up the guitar for it,

Hands down personal favourite ocremix.

Trailing behind this one is this one from willrock


...i got a feeling this topic is against the rules due to it being a sort of "favourites list" thread.

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I needed one of these posts. So on my iTunes, I always play all of my songs on iTunes DJ, and only a select few songs every get repeated by myself personally. Here is the list of all songs that made it to the top 25 playlist on my iTunes:

Shades of Red (Pallet Town)-halc (29)

Facies Templum (Face Shrine)-prophetik [28]

Rock The Asphalt (Opening Demo)-Jivemaster (24) [Now there's an oldie]

R U Overdrive (Ryu's Stage)-AkumajoBelmont, BrainCells (19) [Now here's another oldie from the same soundtrack]

Ancient Hero (The Legendary Hero)-Darkesword (19) [This ain't an oldie; it's a classic!!!]

My Friend Mudkip (Dewford Town, Surfing)-halc (19)

Mind you, my iTunes is relatively new, so these song counts are relatively new as well. Otherwise I would have more songs from the "Summoning of Spirits" soundtrack, and more plays then 29.

This is the play count for the top 6 non-album songs, downloaded directly from OCRemix:

Magic Fountain (Fairy Fountain)-Nixdorux (19)

Secret Seashells (Mabe Village, etc.)-Miku (16) [Another Classic]

Abandoned Battlefield (Pokemon Gym)-pu_freak (16)

Waking the Fish (Ballad of the Wind Fish)-WillRock (15)

Cross Examination(Sudden Interjection) [Objection 2001]-PrototypeRaptor (14)

Rime of the Wanderin' Seafarer (Dragon Roost Island)-zyko (14)

You know, after reviewing this list, I realize that I'm not giving OCRemix enough love:dstrbd: then again, all songs are played from iTunes DJ so...

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My list is very skewed because my computer has died several times in the last couple of years meaning I lost a ton of playcounts. Also, I usually listen to OCR on my ipod anyway, and I don't think play counts transfer over. So basically, these numbers are a lot lower than they should be.


Chrono Moonstone - LSD [47]

Devil's Advocate - PrototypeRaptor [28]

Pirate Shout - audio fidelity [23]

Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings - Nekofrog feat. Brandon Strader [22]

Duet of the Keyblade Masters - Uboichi [22]

The Shining Blue Armor Descends - CHIPP Damage, Fray [22]

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According to my last.fm, its this:

Protricity - Mechanical Swamp

Sixto - Summoned without Reason

Protricity - Rare Reminiscence

housethegrate - Seized with Fury

Sixto Sounds/Dhsu - Unholy Wars

So yeah... rock :P And I kinda expected Calamitous Judgement to be in the list, but I haven't heard that one in a while now I think about it. Anyway, I usually just put my playlist on shuffle

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But your original idea was a list thread, which is also not allowed.

At the least I tried to interject some mini reviews with mine to help try to spur discussion.

Well, ok, sorry then. I didn't know and/or didn't read the posting rules well enough to know all list threads were not allowed. If there's a problem, then a mod can lock it down. Thanks.

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Super Metroid Bounty of a Brain - Big Giant Circles

Super Metroid Zebes Rising - Ekaj

Super Mario Bros. 3 Pipes - Seventh Epic

Super_Mario_World_Monstrous_Turtles! - zircon

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Chemixtrixx - PrototypeRaptor

Street FIghter 2 Clamato Fever - AE, Prozax

HedgehogHeaven_03_Sadorf_AquaticProject - sadorf

HedgehogHeaven_07_analoq_OilSpill - analoq <where'd you go btw?

HedgehogHeaven_08_analoq_NextMyGeneration - analoq

HedgehogHeaven_19_analoq_SonikCaves - analoq

Super_Mario_World_2_Yoshi's_Island_Facing_Fears - Insert Rupee

Chaos_Field_Knowing_Heart_Distant_Noise - Mattias Haggstrom Gerdt

Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_to_the_Past_A_Path_to_Hyrule - ekaj

sorry for the long one, it's actually much longer because I listen to OCR music everyday.

and as a fun side note here are some more songs not from OCR but still very cool VGM.

Powerglove - (Mario Minor, Storm Eagle, Vanquish the horrible night, etc.)

Mega Driver - (Greenhill, Emerald Hill)

LEAF XCEED - Death's Embrace <-- remember when boss music actually made you feel that the battle was epic, important and scary? BadAss album should do more like this :)

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