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Your most played OCR songs!?


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QUICK! What are your Top 5 OCR songs of all-time that have the highest play count in itunes (or your media player of choice)? List the counts too, if you got them!

Mine are:

  1. Sonic 3 'Walk on Water' - housethegrate (179)
  2. Mega Man 2 'Soap and Water' - AE (145)
  3. Mega Man 3 'Intro Jazz' - Zoltan Vegvari (137)
  4. Chrono Trigger 'But the Future Refused to Change' - DrumUltima (127)
  5. Chrono Trigger 'Dignity Ark' - Ryo Lion (120)

My library and play counts date back to 2004.

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Oh god... welp, I listen to most of my music in my car since I have a nasty commute to and from school (rush hour both ways, at that), so I don't have an apparent count anywhere.

If I had to guess, I'd say it'd be the following in no particular order:

May I Have This Swords Dance? -- PROTO(dot)DOME

Cosmic Transformations -- Adhesive_Boy

Great Job -- Insert Rupee

Sinking Deeper -- halc

Probably something by Joshua Morse


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I'm worried that this is a little too much like a 'favorite mixes' thread, but I'll let someone with authority make that determination.

For now, here's my list:

Final Fantasy 9 - Rose of May (katethegreat)

Donkey Kong Country - Permutations (Nicole Adams, Injury)

Final Fantasy 10 - Journey's End (Graylightning, sephire, pixietricks)

Wild Arms - A Ring and a Promise (blind, Ashleigh James)

Super Metroid - Kindred (zircietricks)

It might be kind of misleading since most of the time I have it on random play all. And some of the songs that I loop over and over are specific kinds that I can work / program / write / read to (Zircon's hour-long Water World mix he posted like 2 years ago is one of the higher played ones, since it fits into that).

Though it's probably apparent that I really like vocal mixes. KF

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I'm worried that this is a little too much like a 'favorite mixes' thread, but I'll let someone with authority make that determination.

Yeah that's why I specified by play count, so it wouldn't just be a post your favorite mixes list. Also I guess I should've specified to list the count # too. I was just noticing how many plays some of my OCR songs had, so I curious what my highest ones were, so I filtered by play count.

Although, I guess in most cases your favorite mixes will be your most played ones (or just your oldest ones).

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So according to iTunes...

1. Megaman X2 - Beamsabre Beat ZERO (version 2) - Darkesword (41)

2. Megaman 2 - For You - AkumajoBelmont (32)

3. Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Red Sphere, Blue Sphere - B. Briggs (31)

4. Megaman 3 - Blue Lightning - Disco Dan (28 ) (Even with 8+ minutes)

5. LoZ: Link's Awakening - Waking the Fish - WillRock (28 )

6. Tails and the Music Maker - Picolescence - zircon (25)

7. Super Mario 64 - Fleeting Ecstacy - B. Briggs (24) (The first remix I downloaded)

8. LoZ: Link's Awakening - Braving Tal Tal Heights - Disco Dan (23)

9. Super Mario RPG - Bobble Head Inspiration - Nex (22)

10. Streets of Rage - Bare Knuckle Blitz - WillRock (22)

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I thought "best of" lists weren't allowed, don't the mixes you listen to the most count as a BEST OF LIST

If they are then I apologize and a mod can delete this thread. Honestly I was more interested in seeing play counts on the songs, cause I imagine there'd be a lot of old goodies on the list.

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Project mixposts included:

A New Place - Nicole Adams fT. M.J. Ault, starla & Tepid ( 2151 )

Twoson Hits the Road - djpretzel ( 1085 )

Re-Skewed - David Wise ft. Grant Kirkhope & Robin Beanland ( 724 )

Melancholy Dreams - Vurez ( 685 )

Dance of the Zinger - virt ( 368 )

Project mixposts excluded:

Twoson Hits the Road - djpretzel ( 1085 )

Melancholy Dreams - Vurez ( 685 )

For You - AkumajoBelmont ( 329 )

May I have this Swords Dance? - ProtoDome ( 223 )

Can't Stop The Hot Head Bop - AMT ( 164 )

This doesn't include most of my most-played OC ReMixes which happen to be unposted project mixes (Emunator's seen screencaps of my iTunes) :P

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Going by statistics from having this laptop since back in September 2010 and this particular iPod since August 2011.

According to iTunes, my most played OCRemix songs are every song off The Sound of Speed - if that album isn't sexy to you, I don't know what counts as sexy to you then.

As for most played songs off the iPod - two of mine are way up there ("Hogtied" and "The Feather's Reflection" - hey, got to have an ego), along with OA/Scaredsim's "The Sound of Speed", WillRock's "Bare Knuckle Blitz" and Dr Manhattan's "Mr Pink Poncho's Western Rock Band". I just want my equipment to break less so I can be more accurate :razz:

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Oh man, my most played ones?

Forever, Young Rachel

A New Place

The Shredder

The Rose General

Nuclear Flash

Dreaming Still

Are some of them. I've probably missed quite a few, but these were the ones that came to mind first.

I've been listening to The Shredder for quite a while before the BadAss album came out, it's just that great - Sixto showed it to me maybe about a year or more before that even & I knew it was a kickass track back then. Once his Maverick Rising track comes out though I think people will find this one topped, although it's still currently my favorite posted Sixto track :) .

Forever, Young Rachel just astounds me & clicks even if it's not the most polished mix production-wise. Something about how the duet is framed just resonates with me greatly.

A New Place is probably my most listened to song from the DKC 2 album I helped run. I have a hard time getting myself to listen to the rest of the album since having listened to the tracks so much to ensure their quality, I've gotten sick of a lot of them (no fault of the artists though). Not that way with A New Place though, I still absolutely love what Nicole did with the song. I didn't expect my suggestion of a duet to be taken in such a gorgeous and entrancing direction, you really get to see what inspiration can do to someone's music.

The Rose General was a pleasant surprise when it was posted - it is organic, and quite emotive. The delicate nature of the instruments featured really gave a human touch to the singer's role of Beatrix. The style itself is also pretty unique, and makes good use of these elements to give an enriching song.

Nuclear Flash is just some fun wankery provided by zircon and Sixto. zircon does a pretty solid job of emulating styles, but this one is easily his best attempt yet, while still retaining some character that is his own. Just a fun mix all around.

Dreaming Still is another one of those not completely polished songs, but it still captures my imagination with a good soundscape surrounding the Radical Dreamers melody, and Jill does a good job providing dreamy vocals.

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Cookin With Fire by Navi

Honestly, the best lyrically written rap piece on this website by far. This is exactly why all rap should have stayed the way it was back in the 90s and not go the way of the mainstream crunk and snap cults of today. The beat is also very hot and grimey and shows more street than Lil' Wayne's club hits. I highly recommend it.

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Camrade wins out on my list by far, with 475 plays. Battle Axe-Wielding Dwarf is second with 125.

Everything else has less than 50 plays (I didn't actually jump on board the iTunes camp until a few years ago; if you counted my Winamp numbers which I don't have access to anymore, it'd probably be an entirely different list with much much larger numbers), but the following three for me are G.E.R.U.D.O., Shine Tonight, and Elevation [groovepump mix].

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Hmm, I don't have official numbers but I would guess the following:

Reset Generation - TRIX (Tepid)

FFVI - This Hazy Place (Brand New Retro)

FFX - Summoner's Love (DragonAvenger)

Zelda ALttP - Sacred Flute (Blue.Nocturne)

Pilotwings - Fly (Palpable)

As a side note, I have never played Reset Generation, which should be a testament to why you should always check out new mixes even though you've never played the game.

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It's almost a tie with Juese Belmont (because I love Double Ice Backfire), but

Ska Buffet (All You Can Eat: Clean Version)

wins. The quality of remix and general Ska song is astounding, also taking one of my FAVORITE songs ever and making it one of my FAVORITE genre ever is just good happiness all around. With a Streetlight Manifesto instrumentation and a Less Than Jake ending, how can't I love it?

Full list:

Ska Buffet (All You Can Eat: Clean Version) - Kirby Superstar - Gourmet Race

Juese Belmont - Castlevania - Stalker/Vampire Killer

A New Beginning - Mega Man 9 - Ending/Staff Credits

Smooth As Honey - Mega Man 9 - Hornet Man

Sound of Speed - Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone

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