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OCR02378 - SaGa Frontier 2 "Shimmering"


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You know, I had no idea that this went by the judges first. :razz: But hey, it's one track I remember extremely fondly from Unsung Heroes, so I'll go elaborate my thoughts.

Beginning with this Police-like intro with the fast hihats, acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment, it doesn't take long for the melody to become easily recognisable. In regards to source the interpretation is rather straight-forward, but between the additional acoustic guitar writing work and the adaptation to what was basically a peaceful piano-driven source material while still retaining its beauty, I can say there's been a lot done that really managed to show its character.

The package managed to come off similarly beautiful with some strong drum writing, attention paid towards the backing elements' emphasizing and the tones when applied. I'm amongst the people that especially LOVE that lead synth; it's got this delicate tone to it while still being expressed enough to fit with the upbeat soundscape, and it similarly reminds me of the time when I liked using these mellow synths in earlier works as well (though to be fair they mostly came out sounding like basic sine waves :razz: ); I'm glad to know the technique works extremely well for textures like this, and with OA's growth over the years it shows that his style managed to pay off immensely.

It was great to see the track hit all the right spots on Unsung Heroes, and I really hope he doesn't stop with all the uplifting stuff that I love him best for. Again, a major congratulations for getting it all together and for making those contributions click :D

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So DJP said anime outro feeling, and after hearing this one, I would have to agree with that. Peppy and lively, with a nice, light beat underneath the the melody. OA does a fantastic job with these kinds of upbeat ReMixes and you just feel warm after listen to ReMixes like this one. Awesome.

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Saga Frontier 2 is one of favorite OSTs of all time. 

Great job, that melody is amazing and you did it justice. I really like how you added some variation to the melody later on. 

The guitar sounded a little off to me. It sound like you are playing a nylon string, but it could be a vst...anyway

Everything note in the guitar line was played close to the same volume and sounded down picked (I do hear the tiny accents in there but I think the execution just hid the dynamic variation a bit). This created a very flat guitar sound imo. 

Maybe try adding some vibrator on the slide up or the sustained 'A'  

I still really enjoyed everything :)

I hope I don't seem rude, just want to give some feedback. 

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02378 - SaGa Frontier 2 "Shimmering"

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