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Mass Effect 3: Every Dialog Choice Can Be Answered with "Charge"


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I think it was what i now like to call an 'if statement'

They had to know that the ending of this game was gonna spark a firestorm or at least level some serious unrest. Especially since they changed it from the original leaked ending.

Basically bioware decided if outcry was large enough (and it is) That they'd do something about it. Planned as in they wanted the 2nd piece of DLC to be that? Not a chance in hell. Planned as in they were aware of the potential outcry? I think so.

Now how this is going to take shape i dont know? Personally i dont WANT them to OVERWRITE the current ending. I want them to ADD MORE! I want to see the ending sequence make sense. I want to see more options other than changing color explosions. I want the choices i made through the course of the series to have real meaning other than numbers on a score sheet.

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Delivered with more finesse and without the corporate silliness (mainly that damn DLC and requisite multiplayer to get a certain ending), this would have been fairly epic.

Spoilage: [The whole slow-indoctrination thing makes sense and it's beautiful. Had the clues laid in the game not felt like red herrings, I would have been all about it and not instantly gone into nerdrage at the ending. Actually, I would have counted it as one of the best experiences I've ever had in a narrative game. I knew at the time, the ending was some kind of surreal event, but for some idiotic reason, a near-death indoctrination hallucination didn't feel... right. The puzzles pieces were there, but they seemed like they were from a few different pictures.

I firmly put this down to my not paying the "right flavor" of attention, but that doesn't excuse the execution at all. Add in the EA-ified business practice and that's why I totally jumped to the ineptitude conclusion.]

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Sad thing is unless fans collectively realize that they've been had, not by Bioware, but by EA and get vocal... that'll happen. They'll get a conclusion and eventually forget all about the BS of what I call the "Drink your Ovaltine" popup message at the end, the first-day-for-pay DLC, the snapped-off ending.

Bioware's not innocent, though. They allowed this. Being douchey on Twitter didn't help matters, either.

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Oh i think they understand entirely. But there are a number of factors here.

1. The original ending was LEAKED. In a game this important this CAN NOT HAPPEN. This would have been as bad as the now legendary 'snape kills dumbledore' disaster that plagued bookstores. Bioware couldn't have that.

2. The ending wasn't BAD it was disconnected from everything you'd done. I could see a number of games that type of ending works. Deus Ex being chief among them. There are a number of fixes that can be applied to put that more in line with Mass Effect however.

3. The indoctrination theory thats been posted elsewhere.

4. EA didnt push as much as people might think. If they had there wouldnt have been a 6 month delay to fix point 1. I point you to warhammer online and the massive staff WALKOFF that occured because of EA being unwilling to push a deadline back.

I dont like what's been done. I wont take an 'all is forgiven' approach because DA 2 sucked. I dont expect DA 3 to be much better. I'm pissed off at TOR and this was bioware's chance at redemption and while they didnt blow it completely they needed to stick the landing and didnt.

I will however reserve some judgement for what's to come. Bioware wasn't done with ME when this game was done. A lot is still up in the air. They also moved Multiplayer (which is a LOT of fun) to a primary component of the game rather than a DLC. This isnt over, and bioware isnt ready to give up the ghost. If they're smart, they'll keep the current fix some of the plotholes. And add a few more options outside of the 3 pretty relay deal.

We have to wait and see.

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my super biggest worry is that if this results in an "all is forgiven" kind of attitude that EA will be encouraged to try this kind of crap again

I wouldn't doubt for a second that it's in the cards (and not just EA). No doubt IT WILL start to happen, and "game journalists" will parrot the PR in saying that it's necessary for them to "combat" used games. And of course, those, "Games iz ART guyz! Support DEVELOPURZ FUR LIFE!!" will go along with it.

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My impressions of ME3:

1. When did my favourite Gunny Chief start to dress like a cheap whore (and also get a collagen injection. Yuck.) If I want to feel dirty talking to a guidette I can go to my nearest bar.


3. EDI is creepy and Joker should be reprimanded.

4. Everyone complaining about the ending is stupid.

5. Commander Shepard is the biggest slut in the galaxy.

6. Garrus is my new favouritest guy ever. You hit that ass, bro. Bro-fist.

7. Military discipline apparently doesn't exist even on an Alliance Cruiser (Fraternization cough cough)

As I've previously stated, Bioware makes us care about their characters. In many ways that makes the emotional, heartwrenching stuff more real, more punchy. The entire point of a good RPG is to tell a story, and unfortunately the ME series is pretty much meant to be popcorn stuff. Not serious. Not asking any "big questions." Here's Commander Fucking Shepard, badass of the Universe, and he's here to destroy some ancient elder evil here to destroy the galaxy.

In some ways I feel that the injection of the main Villain was silly and stupid. Everyone knows the Reapers are stupid villains. They have no purpose, no meaning- in fact, ME2 gave them a perfect purpose- They cull and destroy to reproduce- and that's the perfect motivation as it is. Cue Commander Shepard having to kill them all for our sakes.

This ending is unfulfilling, in the sense not that Commander Shepard's fate is the way it is- I think that's a perfect way to end a gigantic epic trilogy- but that it is not him or her saving the galaxy. Stupid MacGuffins are always a shortcut to a terrible story. I don't think it's made any better if the good Commander spends the rest of his days begetting tiny little blue children on Earth, or teaching the Gunny Chief new combat takedowns. In that respect, the ending, in my view, is perfect. However, it's silly because what's there has no lead up to it. It's just developed in the last game and you're meant to extrapolate from tiny little hints in the last two games that this is the end result. Umm... No. It comes out of left field and you're left wanting. In fact, an even better message with the same overall theme could involve the alliance of machine and man- there are any number of things that could have made for a truly satisfying ending where we don't feel cheated when that kid asks Who The Shepard is.

What I also hate is that Bioware made all my previous decisions pointless. OH COME ON GUYS

The only difference between a movie and a video game is that there's an element of interactivity in the video game. If I want a genocidal horde of Rachni at my command AS WELL as a genocidal horde of Krogan- I should be allowed to do that- including blocking those paths off if I didn't choose them in ME1 or ME2. What about using a collector base to make ME3 significantly easier- but to what cost?

Bioware knows how to pull at my heartstrings. It should learn to trust me enough to choose how I end this game. And not with the stupid choices at the end that make no sense and come out of nowhere.

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I thought the reason mostly everyone complained about the ending isn't Shepard's fate but because it comes completely out of nowhere and isn't explained or justified at all.

Not from what I'm reading.


Incidentally, I really hope they make a Blasto RPG. It would be the most awesome RPG ever made, and to boot, the funniest.

You know Bioware could do it.

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Incidentally I felt Ms. Samantha Traynor was the biggest Up Yours to Fox News.

This is good, because I have soft core in the middle of my RPG

This is also bad because I have soft core in the middle of my RPG

Soft core which the Sig. Other insists on playing because I've had my go and now she can play out all her depraved fantasies involving every kind of Commander Shepard and other sentient being. Did anyone else notice the equivalent of the Bayonetta "One hand controls" with ME3???


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