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OCRA-0005 - Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos


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evil judges

Someone pointed this out in IRC.



The main man Doulifee made this. If you wanna share the love, wear it with pride (but don't be a bandwidth monkey - upload it to the Shack.

I made a PHP joke...

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Just got the Doomworld boards working, seems some people don't like the DSoP project, well I've never played Doom, so I'm not biased to the game, but I've played Quake 2, and apparently Doom and Quake are very similar. In this regard, I think the DSoP remixes would suit a Quake game very well, and therefore not that far off from a Doom game. The people complaining are mostly just long-set Doom fanboys. As a piece of music, it's definitely above average, I'd say about a third of the tracks definitely outstanding. It's got all the industrialism, techno, metal where it matters, everything else is obviously elaborative. I'm gonna get Doom just to see how well this soundtrack fits in.

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From the depths of heck, one person stands alone, with a BFG taking down anything that moves..

I remember playing the first Doom, the controls, beasts, and the gunfire. Just exploring the labyrinth was a ticket, to (A) getting lost, (B) winding up dead

But most of all, I remember the ambience, sometimes you could hear atmospheric bgm tracks, or the sounds of monsters growling, and rushing towards your lone warrior. It was that intense from start to finish, every nerve wrecking move could be your very last.

<-end note to doom->

About this Doom tribute-

Completely sweet tracks, some memorable, and some new.. all the tracks intertwine so very well, it could very well be the next Doom soundtrack.

Plus the collaboration of different artists added even more creativity within the unique sounds.

Overall, excellent project. And very glad that things worked out in the end. Again, great job to the group of artists that worked on this project together.


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I gotta say: Verah Nass!

Whether industrial, metal, or orchestral (and one opera o_O) it's all very commendably awesome. EvilHorde: AWESOME job on Hangarmageddon! I *love* the samples tossed in so VERY nicely. I mean revving chainsaw when you finally hit the big riffs and then the reload/shot part midway. Very thumbs up!

Though.. no offense, Myth, but out of the very aggressive stuff, yours seemed to stick out the most. Good arrangement, but right after Beatdrop's bit of crunchy industrial it's jarring... But I suppose it's my personal choice.

I gotta agree on Darkness Dawning. Nice vocal transformation there.

I think that The ending song (Bunny :D) turned out nicely too, though it feels like you were taking your sweet time to hit the actual melody. But nice improved piano work, TO. Both in the Intermission (which was quite awesome, btw) and the ending.

All in all, everyone wrapped up the doom feel incredibly well. If Doom 2 wasn't wrapped up so thoroughly by OCR's existing mixes, I'd like to see that one done up like this. Doom 2 certainly had more tracks that I find as 'favorites' of the series, but still. Good job!

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