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OCR02393 - Quest for Glory "Late Snows of Winter"

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Thank you for your efforts to keep this music alive after so many years. I remember my years composing for Sierra fondly and I am thrilled that folks are still enjoying the creativity and craftsmanship that came from that era. Keep up the good work!

-Aubrey Hodges

I still don't know what to say... :-)

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Wow, pretty awesome to get a note from the original composer, it has been 20 years (now THAT is scary....) since QG1 after all, very cool!

But more than that, I am so incredibly happy to see Quest for Glory on the front page, this was one of my brother and I's favorite series growing up and this mix definitely nails the feeling of Erana's Peace perfectly. Thanks for making the mix despite having not played the game, there's a great nostalgic feeling here for those of us who did, and who knows, maybe it will inspire some more mixes from old pc games!

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Wow, getting the personal thumbs up from one of the composers pretty much says it all on how awesome this ReMix really is. A great melodic piece from a classic game ramped up with some really good acoustic guitar work and more. Damn good ReMix, jmr.

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I really dig this mix. Might even call it.... Glory-ous! I enjoyed this series of games when I was a kid, and I have to say, this remix pays great homage to them. Very well done!

I am such a huge fan of Quest for Glory I. One of the first games I had for my Quadra 605. It's a beautiful game. Erana's peace is glorious. I am glad to see someone is giving it the musical treatment so many years later.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02393 - Quest for Glory "Late Snows of Winter"

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