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youkai, edge of madness is not too hard. The encounters there are more fun than difficult. Hexxer, however, is really hard. It's simply a matter of gear and class composition. If you have tons of DPS (4-5 melees) and healers that can last awhile, you're good.

I'm surprised you downed the Tiger boss so easily. That boss is very difficult - nearly as hard as the Hexxer - and even our ZG "A team" still has trouble with him. Way to go. The rest is downhill from here.

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We had one mage and one rogue die on phase one of that fight, then against tony (Tony the Tiger...), I was the only one to die because of a last minute ground stomp that did over 1k damage.

I think though, that the faction classes may make a difference. Pallies might work to our advantage on the tiger boss. As far as Hexar is concerned, he's an undead, so pallies again will help a bit.

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I don't know how you only lost a few people. You have to be constantly spamming heals on the MT, you get hit with stomps constantly for 1k (sometimes 2k if he does two in a row), you have tigers that are hitting you for 500 every 1-2 seconds, and he drops aggro very quickly. It's insane.

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I'll say that a good devotion aura (+900 armor) and some good blessings are probably what helped. +10% to all stats, +295 attack power, and a better healing blessing are probably the major thing that helps alliance against tony.

We also have a very well geared tank and some top notch healers. (we did that fight with only one priest, 4 paladins, and 2 or 3 druids.)

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So I'm lv58 Rogue.

We're doing Strat/Baron and we have one MT, no pallies and two rogues (myself and a heartseeker-weilding 60) amongst other randoms.

The MT starts spouting off about how he'll be needing a skullforge if it drops, which is cool, until he actually arrives and he already fucking has one.

Being the manipulatively deceptive motherfucker I am, I kindly ask him to reconsider rolling need as I'm currently weilding 2x bonescraper. He declines, calling me a n00b.

What the fuck? He already fucking has one, and wants a SECOND AT LEVEL FUCKING SIXTY.

Seeing how outrageous this is, I /w the leader, and explain the situation. He understands, and insists its mine if it drops, without saying anything in Raidchat.

So we get to the Baron himself, and fell him in a swift motion.

Everyone grits their teeth in anticipation as the usual array of greens and trinkets are called out.

"And for the biggie" he says...the group falls silent...

"Shadowcraft pants!"

YES! I <3 WoW

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So I spent my week-end mostly PvPing. I got about 50 000 honor in 3 days. I'll wait for my rank up and I'll go back to AB. It seems a more "reliable" way to get upgrades... And AB is rather exciting, I mostly defend, and I get to improve my abilities against many classes. Nothing funnier than a fury warrior that gets stunlocked, then disarmed, gouged, and restunlocked. My solo abilities gain a lot from fighting adversaries that cant be beat by the "cheapshot SS SS SS evis" routine.

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My character (60 Shammy) is on the becoming-infamous Shadow Moon server, which has been one of the worst affected by this outrageous lag and ques. So, on behalf of Shadow Moon, please harass Blizzard for us! Here's the original post, its locked now.


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World of warcraft is alot of fun.

I play Horde on Daggerspine, and the occaisional alliance on Destromath.

I need some advice on getting to 60 though. My top three characters are all between 20 and 30. 24 Elem. Shaman, 25 BM Hunter, 28 Fury Warrior.

Pretty much im up to thousand needles on my warrior, but with only two quests left I'm unsure of what to do next.

With all of my total logged time, I probably could of had at least 2 lvl 60's right now if I knew what I was doing. Xfire says ive played a little over 200 hours.

Also, anyone thought about doing a OCR clan on a server?

That would be pretty leet.

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HAH!!! Kil'Jaeden doesn't have huge queues!!!!

We just get a 30 minute retrieving character list followed up by a 20 minute load screen.

If anyone cares about Kil'Jaeden I play Horde side and my main is Googliopi, a 60 Shaman.

I have a bazillion alts as well.

Blehgopie - 60 Rogue

Jodaximo - 22 Mage

Undeadable - 24 Priest

Maximinimal - 42 Warlock

Warzwarmon - 15 Warrior (quit due to wanting a Blood Elf Warrior)

Huntrafico - 14 Hunter (randomly active due to hunters = boring)

Sellables - 1 Shaman (ZOMG AH ALT ZGOMZGMO)

I'm in the guild Tide of Darkness, and have been in the guild since last March. The website is www.todguild.com. We are a raiding guild, and we have MC on ezmode, as well as Onyxia. We are just starting BWL.

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Another big step was accomplished by the Merry Band of Misfits: Our first master looter error...


Gehenas and Garr down.

Nothing new on my side, I rolled a 28 on nightslayer gloves, but I don't really mind since right now I'm wearing a missmatched set + batskin set, and the gloves would have broken what I have. I currently have the lead in the sword rogue DKP, so brutality will be mine sooner than later. We were told by two of the top players on bloodscalp that if we wanted, we could get to Domo easily. Only thing we really miss is fire resist on our tanks. I think I may have joined one of the most interesting guilds on this server. Not only did we not mind trying Baron Geddon (that is knowing that we were almost certainly wiping at least once), but we are filled with really nice people.

One of our warriors won the drillborer disk, off of Garr, sadly, the masterlooter made a slight mistake and gave it to another warrior who had rolled on it. GMs were contacted and I still don't know how it'll be resolved, but the warrior who had won the disk said one thing that I really found classy: "Errors happen." He was not pissed, in fact, the leader was a lot more angry at himself than the warrior was. Hopefully, it'll be resolved by the GM, but if it isn't, the warrior won't mind, and the guild will hive him the next warrior drop, no rolling or anything.

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Mecca, you'll learn to love that dagger, heheh, but I remind you...it won't be so effective come level 60...facing things equal your level will make you yearn for something better, whether it be a Lobotomizer, a Gutgore Ripper...anything.

Personally I'm hmeo-specced and loving it, but even then, I still want a Brutality Blade...

Which has refused to drop for 2 months now. :cry:

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Technically, we got the 4 bosses down in our second run, we just had 5 days between mag and gehenas. What impresses me is that we did all 4 bosses in less than 3 hours, that our only wipe was due to a technical error (tank 4 was on tank 3's target on a dog patch) and that we killed lucifron when we were aiming for a dog patch.

Also, we only had 3 warlocks for the Garr fight so we killed 5 adds instead of 4 before Garr, who went down quickly.

Also, it was my first time not dying except on the wipe.

On a sadder note, I lost the roll on NS leggings. :(

But I now have the lead in DKP. :)

And soon, we will be downing Onyxia. :D

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