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Oh man it's good playing a hunter again. I've taken all that I learned from my first hunter at end game, and applied it to levelling up. Knowing what you're doing makes such a HUGE difference.


After I hit lvl 30 and got my skills I headed to shimmering flats to do some questing. While I was out there, I noticed a couple of allies slinking around nearby (a 32 hunter and a 31 warrior). Sure enough, as soon as I engaged a mob in their general vicinity, they decided to attack me. So I feared the mob, put on aspect of the cheetah, and started running in the opposite direction. The hunter also put on aspect of the cheetah, and she and the warrior began chasing me ALL around the shimmering flats. However, she could never get close enough to hit me to daze me, because every time I saw her gain on me, I had my boar charge her. So I eventually get far enough out of range to get out of combat, and I drop a freezing trap. Bam, the warrior walks right into it. From here on out, it's all me. I put on aspect of the hawk, and went all out dps on the hunter. The warrior got out of my freeze trap and charged me, so I scatter shot him right in the face, and continued laying the smack down on the hunter until she died. So the warrior gets out of the disorientation, and tries to charge me again. Feign, Freeze trap. I put aspect of the cheetah back on, run just to the edge of my range, and begin kiting the warrior in circles. He never laid a hand on me. However by this time I was running severely low on mana, so my pet was pretty much doing all the damage and it took forever to kill the warrior. Long enough, in fact, for the hunter to run back to her corpse and resurrect and begin attacking me yet again. So I finish off the warrior, and turn back to the hunter, blow my remaining mana on rapid fire, and kill her for the second time.

Suzumebachi 3, Alliance Gankers 0.

Seriously, those two must have been hella embarassed, because I came back like 3 hours later and their corpses were still there.

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Is it just me or does it take a helluva long time to get any sort of profession skills raised to a somewhat respectable level?

I been busting my butt and got my engineering all the way to a whopping 51.

Coming from a background in FFXI, WoW crafting skills are cake to level. CAKE, I tell you. But to be fair, I hear engineering is the hardest one to raise, so that may be what you're experiencing.

And suzu has done our entire not-yet-existent guild proud already with his anti-ganking conquest. I envy thine mad skillz.

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I would play with you guys, I really would, but I have this issue with paying cold hard cash and then having to pay alot more cold hard cash just to play it. Which is why I played guild wars so much...until I decided to figure some things out and make a private WoW server.

Going nicely so far.

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