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OCR02406 - Mega Man X6 "Insecta Robotica"


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Awesome mix. That's really all there is to say.

Also, I don't think MMX6 is a bad game, just that things like Ground Scaravich's being unplayable without dying (sometimes several times) to reset the configuration of the level (which is randomized at certain parts) so that you can clear it, or Blaze Heatnix's stage being borderline impossible thanks to the giant red mechaniloids that patrol the stage make a lot of people very angry with Capcom (myself included). Other than that stuff (and a few other minor things) you could argue that X6 is almost as good as 4 or 5.

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Actually I really liked MMX6, even with the continuity issues.

I always started with Commander Yanmark, that's why I have a really good memory of the tune, even if I didn't like it as much as e.g. Infinity Mijinion's theme. But this is what amazes me at ocremix. This version is soooo good, it's one of my favorite tracks right now.

Thank you halc!

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X6 had a lot going for it IMO, especially with its high level of difficulty, which is becoming increasingly uncommon in games these days. I personally loved it, frustrations and all.

This song does a great job with the attractive Commander Yammark source - the source caught the ears of several mixers, but halc came through with this lush & exotic take, preserving a lot of the feel of the original. The song even takes a bit of a spy-like feel at the beginning, which aligns nicely before progressing and then returning to that feel later on. The interplay works nicely.

I love this track, it definitely highlights some of the variety found on Maverick Rising and shows off halc's versatility at combining his chip sounds in different ways.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02406 - Mega Man X6 "Insecta Robotica"

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