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What's some good video game music, or remix music, to use for an alarm?

Mr Azar

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You DO NOT want to do this!!!

If you use a piece of music you like as an alarm you are eventually going to hate the music through reassociating it with what you are using it for.

For example, something I will never forgive myself for, I used one of my favorite Uematsu pieces, Find Your Way, as my ring tone for when work called me. My logic at the time was that it would put me in a better mood to deal with whatever BS i was being called about.

Now, i shudder whenever I hear the song. Nothing quite fills me with dread about the immediate future like Find Your Way (which i guess isn't entirely against the mood of the music).

My advice is to put a piece of music on your alarm you really really really hate. It will get you up faster, you'll be more awake, and so help anyone who looks at you cockeyed that morning! And you wont mind hating that song because... you already hate it!

This one scared the crap out me for years when i was a kid. I don't think I was capable of playing my beloved Sonic games without hitting the mute button when underwater until damn near highschool.

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