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OCR02434 - Mega Man 2 "The Tragic Drowning of Heat Man"


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TGH is sure a prolific newcomer - it seems I keep ending up hearing yet another song of his when going through all the songs I haven't commented on yet/missed.

This song exhibits his trademark style, but it does so without the brash almost chippish lead synth that's characteristic of a bunch of his tracks. There's a solid beat and softer synths & sounds, which lends to a nice cooler upbeat take on Heat Man, which is a bit ironic considering the source & what type of boss it is. Regardless, it's a relaxing upbeat take that stands out on its own.

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Great arrangement, and kickin' beat. The synths work well here, and the section that comes in at around 1:04 is lovely to my ears : D Also 2:26 - dubstep before TGH even knew what dubstep was.

This gem is probably my favorite from you in the Mega Man remix competitions. It's super catchy, and I found myself humming this for quite a while after it was posted. Good job!


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Loving thiiiiis. Love that full, complete sound. The mix progresses with such a natural confidence that its easy to stop thinking about the music and just absorb it.

Intersecting of the two melodies is brilliantly handled; they seem to play nice with eachother rather than bouncing off one another or competing for the spotlight.

Always nice to listen to something of this quality level. Dat sheen of polish is beautiful.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02434 - Mega Man 2 "The Tragic Drowning of Heat Man"

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