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So if Joe Cam is Ness...

D-Lux is Poo...

And Flik is Jeff...

Does that make myf...Paula??

Quoted for emphasis. I had this playing in the car on the drive from college back home for Christmas, and after hearing this song, all I could think about the whole trip was if the second guy was supposed to be Paula. :)

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I love this song, especally the last part 'cause Flik as a mad scientest rocks 100 times more than Flik as a principal. I'm not saying Flik was the only good thing in the song, I think it was all awesome and absolutely deserves recognition as a whole, I just love Flik. In a non-homosexual way. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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At first I didn't know what to make of this remix. That is, until I sat down and really listened to it. I had a hell of a time trying to stifle my laughter while sitting here at work.

I can't believe that joe's not getting more props for the most hilarious verse in the song:

So grab your yo-yo and gun, we'll have a little fun

Bottle rocket in your face, yea you know I fuckin won

Throw him to the curb, stomp that little bitch's face

Make the fat piggy cry, yea I put him in his place

Every time I hear "yea you know I fuckin won", I know exactly how he feels. Good fucking job all around guys.

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When I think of rap songs, I normally tend to think they are simple and have no true creativity at all... unless if you consider rhythm to be creativity. O.o However, throughout this song, I was wondering HOW the lyrics got the way they were, for they rocked!!! :)

This is probably one of the best rap songs I have EVER heard and am just posting a simple "thank you for making this song" note down. You all are awesome, every single one of you that made this song! I hope you all are prideful! ;)

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I'm DEFINITELY going to second the notion of a "thank you for making this song" note. This song made me laugh my ass off...so much nostalgia. It has a good beat, and it's creative. Most rap songs are the same beat over and over through a ton of verses, but this one changed it up. GG you guys.

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This remix just made me start playing Earthbound again.

It's a shame, I was really into earthbound, but I got a little stuck and started playing Chrono trigger instead, but I'm gonna go back to this now.

The production on this amazes me. Reminds me of Busdriver. In fact, the whole song reminds me of Busdriver, but better. Its obvious that everyone involved put a lot of effort into this, and it really has paid of. I'll need to find the rest of 'bound together', I hadn't heard of it until I saw DJ pretzels write-up just now.

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...I'm conflicted...

I hate rap,

But I love this.

So... Does that mean that all I know and hate about rap is wrong?

Or maybe this supercedes rap, and is, in fact, a genre all its own?

The only thing I can think to call this strange new brand of music,

Which undeniably has some features of rap, but is likeable by me:


Ah, this is rapé to my ears!... Strange, I have a lingering feeling that this new genre name is wrong in some way... Either way, I can't wait to be "Rapé'd" by this gang some time soon! (Meh, I'll probably figure it out later)


Earthbound; Da Black Market (By: ...Four people, I'm too lazy to type them down, but they rock.)

95% ~~~ A (As if you care)

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  • 10 months later...

I'm really enjoying this song-- it's one of those occasional rap songs that I find actually listenable.

But I kept listening to it and not really understanding what Myth's part had to do with anything. That whole verse seemed irrelevant to the game, while also seeming like the kind of thing that could be in the game, and I keep wondering whether I'm missing a reference to something or if it's actually just random (or an in-joke or somesuch).

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01424 - EarthBound "Da Black Market"

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