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OCR01424 - EarthBound "Da Black Market"


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Holy cRap, (Pun intended) this is awesome. The lyrics in this song are really good. I don't normally like rap, but this is instantly one of my favorite remixes ever. I love the part about the Super Nintendo cartridge, it really brings back alot of memories. Well, I've never owned the actual cartridge version of Earthbound, but still.

Oh man, the last rap sounded like Wierd Al. This is so awesome. If you like Earthbound at all, you will probably love this regardless of your opinion of Rap.

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The Crazy Crakaz made it onto OCR? Today is a good day for music indeed.


Definitely one of the more enjoyable tracks from Bound Together IMO, and a worthy addition to anyone's vgm collection. Unless you hate rap, but if you do, it's your loss.

urbanizm +1


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Jill, did YOU put Myth up to that Star Trek reference? =)

No, believe it or not. But of course I'm glad it's in there. :)!!

Wheeeee, I'm psyched this got direct posted. You all did some FABULOUS work here. It's primarily because of you guys, DCT, and the rest of the Urbanizm Music crew that I've finally begun to appreciate rap and hip hop, even outside the community. And I'm sure I'm not alone on this. So thanks for that!

Although I don't know how I'm gonna get used to being called "gansta grrl"... ¬_¬

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Oh man, the last rap sounded like Wierd Al.

Sounded like the Braindead Monkeys to me, which is still a good thing.

Yeah, a little too heavy on the swearing for my poor virgin ears, but I definitely appreciate the in-jokes and overall quality of the piece.

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Oh yeah! Hearing all the reviews about rap and ridiculous lyrics, I was scared of this mix at first. I thought it would be one of OLR's lower-quality spoofs, but man was I wrong. The song actually has some nice music, groovy beats, awesome synths, and rhymes that can't help but make you smile.

This mix has everything. By far one of OCR's most original songs yet. I love that it sticks to the original melodies enough to recognize, but with the beats and raps, it's a complete 180 from the original track. Great job to everyone on this track. =


EDIT: Alright, after hearing most of Bound Together, this is one of the catchiest tracks. I can't get enough of it. Great job!

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This mix sucks. Because it's rap. Rap sucks. Also: Earthbound and rap don't mix. Why is this here?


Seriously, I loved the entire BT project, and this is right up there as one of my favorite tracks. Does this mark many more CC tracks with Myth in them?! Because you guys are great.

EDIT: JESUS, Flik plays his recorder! That transcends awesome!

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