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OCR01438 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Prelude"


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This begins with good use of motivic development, lots of harmony, and nice harp accompaniment, especially in the low "Mahler" range.

The harmonic choices at from 1:56 to 2:14 work perfectly with the crescendo, and I hope to hear more of this kind of writing in future arrangements.

The string accompaniment at 3:00 has a very nice impressionistic texture. The clarinet at 3:38 is just a horrible sample, but the low pedal point from here on out is good, and I like how it echoes the melodic line on occasion.

The brass is very well written at around 4:57 (especially with the piccolo doubling), and the overlapping melodic lines make a very nice ending. There are lots of other good things in this arrangement that shows attention to detail and an understanding of various kinds of orchestration. You should be proud.

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Very expansive piece.

I like the beginning, a nice little introduction before anything 'breaks'

The hit at ~2:12 is excellent, very loud, yet not speaker shatteringly.

The theme seem melded in, peeking out evey once in a while, then fading back into the mix.

It doesn't feel like a 6:00 piece. It actually goes by rather quickly, and still manage to say quite a bit.

All of a sudden at the ~3:55 you hear a much darker, much more dangerous sound, and it fits perfectly with the rest of the piece.

The crescendo at ~5:00 is trully outstanding, nice job.

Then it drops back into the familiar original, however, the ending doesn't seem to actually be an ending.

(Since he says this is part of a larger project it seems prfectly acceptable however.)

I say 9.8/10.

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Definetely a great work, the entire song remember the game, and while the song keep moving on, it seems that the game is also moving inside our souls, one of the best for me

And actually, thats not the ganondorf theme, its the spirit temple OST, greatly remixed, it fitted perfectly in the end to close the song with the golden key..

Awesome, this song is fighting for the title of best Ocarina of Time mix...

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It took a while for me to realize that this was a new Zelda remix, I better get some steady breakfast.

I liked it very much. Started out very easily, the harp and then those strings gives it a very pleasant feel, but yet serious since they´re vibrating at the low tunes here. Makes me think of a person that´s about to enter a creepy mansion of some sort. That´s a good effect, since link himself is entering the Deku Tree in the beginning, and that is one creepy place.

The following music sounds fairly much like the castle music from Zelda 3, but I can´t really remember if that melody took place in Zelda OoT ToO. I think it´s going over to the Hyrule field music afterwards, with the same feel as the previous. The strings never leaves the scene, they´re always there expression the different emotions that may go through Link´s tiny little head, in a very calm but yet worried mood.

And then it comes, the music where Link is in front of The Deku Tree. Zas throws in some more special stuff here, cause this mix really picks up some more majestic feel when it comes to this point of the arrangement. I´m glad that someone decided to remix the theme of the Deku Tree, he is an important character and also helps Link to begin his journey.

The title to this remix fitted very well I think. Final Fantasy has a more happy prelude comparing to this one, but theirs are more like "Once again the world needs your help, to defeat the evil that´s overhelming us". The situation might be the exact same thing in the Zelda games, but I felt that this remix really showed the emotions excited by it. Fear, unsecureness, worry, and lack of hope. Link stands in front of the biggest task he´ll ever gonna make (so far), and the track really shows it by giving us an excellent performance in the arts of strings and other orchestric instruments to give this task the right theme it deserves.

Excellent done Zas, it was earnest, beautiful and........ponderous.

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I'm loving this like you can't believe. Very nicely done. Usually, orchestral pieces don't particularly sound that great to me, but THIS sounds great! Hyrule Castle theme, what sounds like a very brief Legend of a Heroe (windwaker), the Ocarina title screen, and the Deku tree. The Deku Tree's theme is a personal favorite of mine cause it holds that confused, ominous feeling. Like something really really bad just happened, but you're only finding out about a small part of it right now. And I'm immencely thrilled at how well it was done in this song. Although the loud part near the end reminds me of an old Sinbad type movie. But that in itself is pretty cool.

I can't wait for the rest of the pieces to this little project. If they are all just as good, I'm burning a CD just for these songs.

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