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OCR02535 - Castlevania "Enough Time to Dance"


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Ever since hearing your mix in the sonic competition i've been begging to see more from you magellanic and boy oh boy did you not disappoint.

My first reaction though?

"please not vampire killer"

Glad you focused on a lesser done track for castlevania.

what can i say about this track? i think the synths and the guitar work wonderfully together

Great job on having this well done track as your first post dude.

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The guitar goes really well with the electronics in this one, very well done combining them. I also really liked the transition around 2:30. High point of the track!

As for criticism, the judge decision thread has a lot of good points. I personally wasn't fond of the eurodancey bass/beats, and many of the drum fills, especially as the bassdrum doing the fast notes didn't add to the energy, but seemed to lose it. (All of the those notes seem to be at full velocity - varying it might make it work better). Overall the beat of the song could have flowed better, it feels like its dragging down rather than building up and going forwards.

But apart from the bass and beat, I enjoyed the synth sounds, and as I said I admire how seamlessly and effortlessly the guitar is incorporated, and that 2:30 bit keeps me listening to this piece again. Congrats on the well deserved first post, and I'm looking forward for more!


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Yay for first Magellanic Mixpost! I knew you'd get there bro! ^-^

Count me surprised that the guitar fits in as well as it does here. Sounds damn awesome in its context, better than some of the synths even. Granted, a few issues, like minor synth timing issues. Even so, the bits that work are really really awesome. Nice first mixpost man, and I look forward to seeing many more! :D

P.S. Nice job on going with a source tune that really doesn't get enough love!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02535 - Castlevania "Enough Time to Dance"

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